TCU Horned Frogs vs. Wisconsin Badgers: Rose Bowl Post-Game Analysis

The TCU Horned Frogs has NCAA’s best defense against the balanced attack of the Wisconsin Badgers led by their quarterbacks Scott Tolzein and running back Montee Ball.  This did turn into one heck of a game.

Here’s my observations for this fantastic Rose Bowl game:

  • TCU’s quarterback Andy Dalton carried the team for much of the first half.  With his passing score to Bart Johnson mid-first quarter and his rushing touchdown late second quarter, he pretty much carried the team.  With only 32 total yards rushing by the half, TCU did not have much of a balanced attack.
  • On the other side, the Badgers played to their strengths, which was to establish a more balanced offense, with a focus on the run.  Badgers Montee Ball established himself early with an early 40-yard run in the first quarter.  Ball also ran an 18-yarder early in the second quarter.  He has kept the first-ranked TCU defense honest for much of the first half.
  • The Badgers led into the half with nearly 3 times the time of piossession and nearly 1oo more yards.
  • TCU’s Andy Dalton established a more balanced attack into the second half with passes to wide receiver Jimmy Young and running back Ed Wesley.  With that, they also established a rushing offense with Matthew Tucker and ultimately Luke Shivers for the 1-yard touchdown run for a 21-13 lead.
  • The duo of Jeremy Kerley and Jimmy Young for TCU helped Andy Dalton control the time of possession late into the fourth quarter, although using running backs would be much more effective way of managing the clock.
  • The balanced attack of the TCU and the Wisconsin offenses countered each other for much of this game. No one had established any significant momentum for this game after the second half.
  • Badgers running back John Clay pounded the TCU defense with two successive runs late in the fourth quarter of 14 and 30 yards.  Fantastic bit of running…
  • The onside kick to TCU’s Bart Johnson by the Badgers fundamentally sealed the game.
  • Badgers running back Monte Ball had spectacular day with 132 yards rushing and 1 touchdown for a close 21-19 game.

The Wisconsin Badgers offense almost mounted a comeback late in the fourth quarter with a loss of 21-19 to the TCU Horned Frogs.  But their running game simply could not do it alone.  The Badgers did not have the ability to stretch the field, and ultimately, that cost them the Rose Bowl.