Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Dennis Dixon: 2012 Year in Review and 2013 Fantasy Football Outlook

Former Oregon Ducks QB Dennis Dixon Joins the Philadelphia Eagles

With the former Oregon Ducks Quarterback Dennis Dixon joining the Philadelphia Eagles, it would seem that Michael Vick has some competition.  After being behind Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger and Charlie Batch and with Michael Vick’s lackluster performances during this past season, it is Dennis Dixon who might just take the job away from him — as Michael Vick took the job away from Kevin Kolb and Donovan McNabb.  But is everything as bright as it seems or is Dennis Dixon merely motivation or a stepping stone for a future franchise quarterback?  Time to check the numbers and see…

2012 Year in Review

With the Pittsburgh Steelers 2009 and 2010 season being the two applicable NFL bearings for Dennis Dixon, he has made a total of 34 of 58 attempts those past two seasons for an average of 58.6 percent and 399 passing yards.  He had an average quarterback rating of 70 which is mediocre.  On the bright side, he had 8 attempts rushing for 59 yards and an average of 7.4 yards per attempt.

While Dixon was an Oregon Duck in his 2007 season, he performed much better with a 161 quarterback rating with 2,129 passing yards, but then again, he was facing much lesser competition and age was still in his favor.

2013 Fantasy Football Outlook

This might be the season Dennis Dixon finally takes over the reigns as starting quarterback if he performs and exceeds Michael Vick in the training camp.  But this is a big might

It’s too early to tell, but given a chance, he should be capable of performing below Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and definitely below San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick.  If Dennis Dixon does start, he should place with a ceiling of QB2 at best and bench — and maybe waiver wire fodder — at worst.


Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Andy Dalton: 2011 Year in Review and 2012 Fantasy Football Outlook

2011 Year in Review

2011 was one heck of a season for this rookie quarterback Andy Dalton for the Cincinnati Bengals.  With former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer gone, the Bengals got more than an adequate replacement, and Dalton provided the necessary intelligence and composure in his rookie season.  Although he faltered during the 31-10 AFC Wildcard playoff loss to the Houston Texans, he has given the once soft Cincinnati Bengals team hope for the future.

In his 2011 regular season as a rookie, Dalton had 3,398 passing yards, 2o touchdowns, 13 interceptions, 3 fumbles and a solid 80.4 quarterback rating.  He started off fairly strong in his first full start against the Denver Broncos with a quarterback rating of 107.0 with 332 passing yards and 2 touchdowns.  Against the tough defense of the San Francisco 49ers in the following game, Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton had his worst game of the regular season.  He had 157 yards passing, 2 interceptions and a dismal 40.8 quarterback rating. He got steadily better until week 6 against the Indianapolis Colts.  Facing the porous defense of the Colts, he performed well with a 111.5 quarterback rating on 264 yards passing and a touchdown.  Again, with the tougher defenses of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens in week 10 and 11, he didn’t perform quite as well with a 61.8 and 60.7 quarterback rating in those respective regular season games. In week 12 against the Cleveland Browns, he performed above-average with a quarterback rating of 105.6 on 270 passing yards and a touchdown. After that game, he faced tough defenses of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Houston Texans, and the Baltimore Ravens.  With these defenses, his quarterback rating declined gradually, culminating in a 65.7 quarterback rating on 232 yards passing and no touchdowns. In the AFC Wildcard playoff against the Houston Texans, Dalton fell to a dismal 51.4 quarterback rating on 257 passing yards and 3 interceptions.

2012 Fantasy Football Outlook

Given this is his rookie season, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton still has a lot of growing pains ahead.  Given his statistics during the regular season, he has performed QB3 to low-end QB2 numbers.  With the Bengals getting into the playoffs, the schedule should be about the same next year with Andy Dalton facing some difficult defenses ahead.  Although he has 12th-ranked running back Cedric Benson, he can’t continuously lean on him as Cleveland Browns Colt McCoy learned with their running back Peyton Hillis.  Dalton should be able to produce low to mid-QB2 numbers next season and worth a seat on your bench.  He’s worth a gamble as he does have an upside.  However, he needs a couple of seasons more to mature, and in the 2012 regular season, he should be only played with favorable matchups or a bye-week replacement.

AFC Wild Card Playoffs: Top 10 Things We Learned

What an exciting AFC Wild Card weekend! Quarterback T.J. Yates and running back Arian Foster of the Houston Texans thumped the Cincinnati Bengals 31-10.  And the thriller with the Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers…Steelers coach Mike Tomlin could have never predicted the Denver Broncos would have posed a problem as Tim Tebow was almost considered bench material.  Tebow struck, when it counted, in overtime with the 80-yard bomb to his wideout Dimaryius Thomas and won the game 29-23.

And to sum it up, the 10 things we learned from the AFC Wild Card playoffs:

  1. Don’t Underestimate Denver Broncos coach John Fox. He spotted the weakness of the Steelers, their thinned secondary, and exploited it.  He let Tim Tebow go after rushing wasn’t successful with either Tim Tebow or their running back Willis McGahee.
  2. Don’t Underestimate Tim Tebow’s Magic. Tim Tebow’s magic came back when it counted — in the playoffs.  Dimaryius Thomas helped him greatly. (The New England Patriots won’t make it that easy even with their porous defense.)
  3. Houston Texans Running Back Arian Foster is Still The Man. No doubt Arian Foster helped the Texans win as he had 153 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns in the game.  His presence was felt, and he will be in their next game against the Baltimore Ravens.  A tale of two running backs in this divisional game, you bet.
  4. A Hobbled Ben Roethlisberger Didn’t Help the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Not just his mobility was off, but his accuracy was off as he had throw over the linebackers of the Denver Broncos even without the help of Brian Dawkins.
  5. Steelers Running Back Isaac Redman May Be in Line for the Starting Job.  Although not quite as strong as Rashard Mendenhall, he has the agility to break tackles.  Mendenhall may be looking in the mirror pretty soon.
  6. Broncos Wideout Dimaryius Thomas is Dangerous.  He was the savior for Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos.  Tebow would have benched for Brady Quinn if it wasn’t for Thomas’ awesome performance of 204 yards and a touchdown in his game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers Number One Defense Counted for Nothing. Having the best defense in the league counts for little if they can get burned for long yardage.
  8. Texans Quarterback T.J. Yates Did Satisfactory in the Playoff Environment. He’s no Matt Schaub, but he has a future with the Houston Texans as their future quarterback.  If not there, then definitely somewhere else.
  9. Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Andy Dalton Has Some Growing Pains. Dalton still needs some more experience in the NFL.  He has the talent and composure to succeed in the league, but he needs time.  He needs to learn that frustration does not breed success.  Ask Peyton Manning in his difficult games.
  10. Charles Barkley Shouldn’t Do NFL Halftime Shows. Ever. Seriously.  He shouldn’t.

Now Tom Brady and his New England Patriots will face the revived Tim Tebow and his Denver Broncos.  Can Tebow bring the magic or will he fall to the tactics of Bill Belichick?  Two potent running backs, Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice and Houston Texans Arian Foster, will face each other to decide who is the better running back.  Don’t underestimate the underdog in this match; as it won’t be the size of the dog in this fight as much as the sheer will.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Denver Broncos: AFC Wild Card Playoff Post-Game Analysis

With the first-ranked Pittsburgh Steelers facing the declining cult Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, this game doesn’t look pretty for the Broncos. Eighth-ranked Denver Broncos Willis McGahee might be able to change the face of the game, but he shouldn’t be a significant factor against a dominating defense. However, a hurt Ben Roethlisberger could be a factor for the Pittsburgh Steelers offense and for that matter, the Denver Broncos defense.

Now the post-game analysis:

  • With the Pittsburgh Steelers first drive, they stalled, and kicker Shaun Suisham made the field-goal from 45-yards out at 11:19 in the first quarter to give them the 3-0 lead.
  • With the Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger leaning on his running back Isaac Redman in this series, Shaun Suisham kicked another field goal from 38-yards out at with 27 seconds left in the first quarter to bring the Steelers to a 6-0 lead.
  • Denver Broncos Tim Tebow threw two successive bombs to wide receiver Demaryius Thomas and Eddie Royal.  With a 30-yard touchdown pass to Eddie Royal, the Denver Broncos take the lead 7-6 at 13:31 in the second quarter.
  • After a 58-yard bomb to Broncos wideout Demaryius Thomas, the Broncos score again with a 8-yard rushing touchdown by Tim Tebow at 10:41 in the second quarter.  The Broncos upped their score 14-6.
  • At 9:54 in the second quarter, Broncos defensive end Robert Ayers sacked Ben Roethlisberger and aggravated the quarterback’s ankle.  After that incident, Roethlisberger threw an interception to Broncos safety Quinton Carter at the Steelers 27-yard line.
  • After the interception, the Broncos drive stalled at the Pittsburgh 2-yard line.  Broncos kicker Matt Prater kicked an easy 20-yard field to bring the score 17-6.
  • After a 40-yard strike to his tight end Daniel Fells,the drive stalled again at the Pittsburgh’s 10-yard line.  Matt Prater kicked another field goal to bring the score 20-6 at 1:08 until halftime.
  • With a 32-yard pass to Steelers running back Isaac Redman, wideout Mike Wallace rushed in for a 1-yard touchdown at 4:33 in the third quarter.  The Steelers closed the score 20-13.
  • Continuing their drive from the third quarter, Broncos kicker Matt Prater kicked another field goal to bring the score to 23-13 at 13:14 in the fourth quarter.
  • After running back Isaac Redman’s 28-yard rush, Steelers kicker Shaun Suisham kicked for a field goal to bring the score to 23-16 at 10:03 left in the last quarter.
  • At 7:43 in the fourth quarter, Broncos running back Willis McGahee fumbled the ball on Pittsburgh’s 45-yard line. Capitalizing on McGahee’s turnover, Pittsburgh Steelers wideout Jerricho Cotchery 31-yard touchdown reception tied the score 23-23 with 3:56 left in the fourth quarter.

The first half was the battle of defenses as Denver Broncos and the Pittsburgh Steelers brought pressure relatively easily on Ben Roethlisberger and Tim Tebow in the first few series in the first quarter.  However, Tim Tebow relaxed the Steelers defense by throwing bombs to his wideout Demaryius Thomas and other receivers.  Simply put, Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow shredded the thin secondary of the Steelers in the first half.  With the aggravated ankle injury to Steelers Ben Roethlisberger, the Denver Broncos defense sensed it and feasted on the damaged quarterback.  The Steelers burned secondary, the driven Broncos defense and Roethlisberger’s ankle injury culminated in 20-6 Broncos lead into the half.

The second half began with the Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers surging at times. The Pittsburgh Steelers  defense performed well at stopping Tim Tebow’s drives in the redzone, and through sheer will and accurate passing, Ben Roethlisberger willed his Steelers to tie the game with the Denver Broncos.  Steelers running back Isaac Redman did his fair share in this game with 121 rushing yards during regulation.

This playoff game was the first playoff game with non-sudden death regulations established during the tumultuous off-season.  However, in an instant, Denver Broncos scored a 80-yard touchdown from Dimaryius Thomas to win the game 29-23.

Overall, Broncos Tim Tebow performed better than injured Steelers Ben Roethlisberger with his 125.6 quarterback rating on 356 passing yards and 2 touchdowns. Broncos wide receiver Dimaryius Thomas was exceptional as he had 204 receiving yards and a touchdown in this game.

With some Tim Tebow magic in overtime, the Denver Broncos win the Wild Card playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now Tebow will face New England Patriots Tom Brady with his third-ranked quarterback rating at 105.6 and second-ranked quarterback in terms of passing yards with 5,235. At Brady’s side is his wideout Wes Welker who had 1,569 receiving yards during the regular season and ranked second in terms of receiving yardage.  However, Wes Welker is recovering from an injury, and that may hinder Tom Brady slightly in their game against their game against the Denver Broncos.  Tim Tebow better bring some of his magic in the next game as he will face the New England offensive juggernaut.  On the bright side, both the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos defenses are average at best.

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Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Vince Young: 2010 Year in Review and 2011 Outlook and Beyond

2010 Year in Review

After the Vince Young debacle with the Tennessee Titans, the Philadelphia Eagles have acquired Vince Young for a one-year contract worth .  He will potentially serve as backup for the Eagles starter Michael Vick for now, but things can change.  If — and most likely, when — he becomes starter for the upcoming season, he will have a much better offense to work with than he did with the Titans.

In 2010, Young had 1,255 passing yards, 10 touchdowns, 3 interceptions and a 98.6 quarterback rating.  On top of that, he had 125 rushing yards.  Unfortunately, during that time, he was dealing with injuries as well as timeshare with Kerry Collins.  In the meantime, Vince Young had his best game against the Oakland Raiders.  In that game, he had 154 passing yards, 2 touchdowns and a 142.8 quarterback rating.  Young’s worst game came against the Pittsburgh Steelers the following Sunday.  He threw for 66 yards, 2 interceptions and a dismal 48.3 quarterback rating.  His backup Kerry Collins improved the situation somewhat, but the Titans ultimately fell to the Steelers 19-11.  Vince Young did redeem himself statistically on his last regular season game with the Washington Redskins.  He had 165 passing yards and a 107.6 quarterback rating.  But this was the time he detonated on former Titans coach Jeff Fisher, and then everything fell apart.

2011 Outlook and Beyond

Conceivably, with the way the schedule looks right now, Vince Young might have a chance to become a starter.  Although the second half isn’t quite as grueling as some of the other teams, it will give the Philadelphia Eagles fits coming up and past the bye week.  The St. Louis Rams and the New York Giants pose physical defensive threats to Michael Vick in the beginning of the season.  After the bye, the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Giants (again), the Chicago Bears, the New York Jets, the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots all pose physical defensive threats to Michael Vick.  With this in mind, Vince Young could potentially start about halfway through the season.  Remember the New York Giants defense created the original template to harassing Michael Vick last season, and with the first meeting with New York Giants early on this upcoming season, whatever new tricks Michael Vick learned during this off-season and pre-season won’t last too long when the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears show up after their bye week.

2011 Fantasy Football Quarterback Prospect

Vince Young is worth a reserve immediately.  If he’s on the waiver wire, I would definitely suggest picking him up, if not early, then after the Eagles bye week.  He’s a solid QB2 with upside, should he become the starter for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Although he’s about as durable, or lack thereof, as Michael Vick, he’s a bit smarter and has less tendency to rush.

The Shortened 8: Top 10 Drafts for Fantasy Football Defenses in 2011-12

With the alterations in staff this post-season, all this is based on pure speculation and estimating how the changes in staff would change the defense.  However, with preparation for a shortened season, drafting defenses will be difficult, much less to speculate.  With these defenses training much less than previous seasons, the offenses should benefit greatly.  However, don’t count defenses out quite yet.  Some may surprise, others will simply overcome.


  • Chicago Bears.  They still have one of the most stifling defenses with Brian Urlacher at the helm.  And I don’t think Brian Urlacher will miss a beat this prolonged off-season.
  • New York Giants. Kind of goes without saying…
  • Green Bay Packers. Clay Matthews and a ground-and-pound defense.
  • Baltimore Ravens.  Still has lots of talent.
  • New York  Jets.  Rex Ryan’s defense is one of the best.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers.  It won’t astound you with amazing numbers, but it should be consistent from the beginning through the playoffs.
  • Oakland Raiders. But this is nothing more than a second-tier defense, but it will have first-tier moments.  This defense is better chosen as a roster reserve or a waiver wire pick for the playoffs generally. They have enough substance to pull you through the playoffs generally.
  • San Diego Chargers.
  • Minnesota Vikings.  Leslie Frazier inherited a solid defense.
  • Atlanta Falcons.  Like the Raiders but generally not fantasy football playoff quality.


  • Miami Dolphins.
  • Tennessee Titans.  Although they performed well the beginning of last season, then after the first few games of the regular season, they buckled under locker room politics got in the way.  And with this prolonged off-season, there would be virtually no time for off-season chemistry for any sort of improvement.
  • Detroit Lions.  You’re better off betting on their offense than their defense.
  • Seattle Seahawks.  Although Pete Carroll has demonstrated he has a great offensive mind, less Marshawn Lynch, this defense hasn’t been noteworthy for quite a while.
  • Washington Redskins.  Their offense and defense are still in shambles.  And if Rex Grossman becomes Rex Grossman we all know from the Chicago Bears, the defense will be out on the field a lot — and become very tired.

Potential X-Factors

  • Carolina Panthers.  I think Eagles head coach Andy Reid might regret letting of Sean McDermott.  Even though this will be rebuilding season for the Panthers defense, they could potentially become dangerous over the next few seasons.  They might lack the physicality of a Bears defense, but they should turn out to be fast like the Ravens defense.  They could still be worth a flier this season though.
  • Philadelphia Eagles. Although they are always potentially good, they have become normalized themselves into a second-tier defense.  With coordinator Juan Castillo, I am a bit hesitant to endorse them beyond that — for now.
  • St. Louis Rams. They played well at home last season.  Now they just need to play well on the road…

NFL and the NFLPA Lockout Countdown: Lockout Day+83, or The Secret Meeting, the Symposium…and Even More Workouts!

With the NFL lockout still going on, the NFL and the now-dissolved NFLPA decided to hold a secret meeting last Wednesday.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, now-defunct NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith and several team owners met in Chicago in attempt to push talks forward.  Now that both sides have heard the NFL fanbase deriding the lockout, I suppose that both sides view now is as good time as any to pursue their “mediation” of sorts somewhat aggressively.  The owners in attendance in this secret meeting were Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones, New England Patriots Robert Kraft, Carolina Panthers Jerry Richardson, New York Giants John Mara and Pittsburgh Steelers Art Rooney.  Despite these talks, not much progress was made again as an unnamed source said that talks were still has ways to go.  With the National Labor Relations Board decision coming soon (hopefully), these other cases will be resolved soon, including the Tom Brady, et. al vs. NFL anti-trust case in Minneapolis next Tuesday.

Until then, even more NFL players hold even more private workouts! The Tennessee Titans, the New England Patriots and the Minnesota Vikings held their own private workouts.  With that in tow, at least the rookies attending these camps will have been invited by the NFLPA for a symposium in which they will be discussing finances, proper behavior on and off the field and other pertinent matters.  This symposium will be held at the end of June, and 254 drafted rookies have been invited.  Whether it remains a substantial portion of these rookies will attend or not, that remains to be seen as their potential careers are held in limbo without any season in sight presently.

After much of this week’s smoke and mirrors and the dismal past months of this historical work stoppage, I want to relay a simple note to Commissioner Roger Goodell, the team owners and the players: The stalemate has already gotten stale. Enough already. 

Philadelphia Eagles Pre-Season Schedule: Preview of Strong Defenses Coming For Michael Vick (and the Eagles)

With the release of the pre-season schedule, despite the non-resolution of the work stoppage between the team owners and the players, it appears that the Philadelphia Eagles will have their work cut out for them, even in the initial few games.  Although these aren’t regular season games, they will face teams with potentially threatening defenses during the upcoming season.  The mediocre offensive line last season could potentially face some replacements from this upcoming draft, whether it be held with Commissioner Roger Goodell or with DeMaurice Smith of the dissolved NFLPA.  Several mock drafts that I have seen the Eagles picking offensive linemen and cornerbacks within the first few rounds, and those selections would be quite reasonable in light of the Eagles many revealing deficiencies last season.

The Philadelphia Eagles first face the Pittsburgh Steelers, the loser of the Super Bowl against the reigning Super Bowl Champions Green Bay Packers.  Not only will they face a stout defense that will still undoubtedly pursue Michael Vick and test the offensive line during the regular season, should there be one, they will face the physical running of Rashard Mendenhall.  And Michael Vick will deal with Troy Polamalu who led third in interceptions with seven during the previous season.  Unfortunately, for Eagles fans, this will be held at the Steelers home at Heinz Field.

Next, the Baltimore Ravens will come to Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Park.  Joe Flacco matured quite well last season, at least producing second-tier quarterback numbers during the regular season.  The Philadelphia Eagles will face another potent and versatile running back in the name of Ray Rice.  Their defense, with Ed Reed leading in interceptions last season with eight, will still be fast and physical at times.

The Cleveland Browns come afterwards for their pre-season game at Lincoln Financial Field.  With Eric Mangini out and Pat Shurmur in, this will be the first view of the Browns new offense, led by young quarterback Colt McCoy and power running back Peyton Hillis.

And, finally, the Philadelphia Eagles will face the New York Jets and their stiff defense.  This is the same team that defeated in the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots with their elite quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Tom Brady respectively in the playoffs.  This will be the Eagles final test of their offensive line before the regular season starts, if the collective bargaining agreement is finally resolved.

The Eagles will at least have the first few games to test out their offensive line and whether their defense can be anyway be considered elite during the regular season.  The opponents will also gather to see if Michael Vick learned any new tricks during the off-season.  However, if he hasn’t, Vick, his Eagles teammates and their fans could be in for a long season.

Fans of Super Bowl XLV Sue Over Seating: The Gluttony of Luxury Sweets

After the debacles of Super Bowl XLV of the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers at Cowboys Stadium, ranging from Christina Aguilera‘s problems with the Star Spangled Banner to the disastrous techno-rap halftime show of the Black Eyed Peas, Super Bowl XLV’s problems began when seats of some 1,250 fans were pulled after the fire marshall deemed the temporary seating dangerous. All were moved elsewhere, and 400 fans watched the game on monitors or standing-room platforms.

The NFL attempted to acquiesce of these roughly 400 fans with money, tickets and merchandise.  Originally, the league offered $2,400 and tickets to next season’s Super Bowl, but this offer appeared less than charitable for these fans.  So the NFL offered a second option: they can choose to await for the conference championship to determine if they wish that year’s Super Bowl in the future, and they will be provided round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations.  But this appeared to be not enough compensation for these fans either.

Now these fans are suing $5 million in actual damages and unspecified punitive damages from the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys and their owner Jerry Jones for the faulty seating.  This class-action lawsuit will repayment of the full price of the tickets and travel expenses.

This lawsuit represents the state of American culture nowadays with its gluttony.  Whenever something doesn’t go as one wants it to go, the first and best option is often reliance on lawyers and their lawsuits.  From the blatant markings on cups of hot beverages to the sanitation of smoking, this is the culture of America and the rampancy of frivolous lawsuits. When the NFL attempts to give one better accommodations as apologies for their error, most of these fans still want more — more in terms of money.  Admittedly Jerry Jones own greed got the better of him in this issue, the NFL did attempt to accommodate these fans on his behalf with merchandise, money and future tickets.  These things didn’t satisfy these fans — only more money does, only their greed does.  From the outside, these fans are not gaining much of any sympathy, at least for me.  The repercussions of this lawsuit will be that the price of these tickets will only increase more for other fans in the future, and these tickets will now include more legalese on the back.  Saddening, just saddening.

My Top 5 Favorite Super Bowl XLV Commercials

This wasn’t a particularly good showing of television commercials during this Super Bowl XLV between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers. Aaron Rodgers came home with a Super Bowl ring, the Super Bowl MVP Award, a Camaro and the fourth Vince Lombardi Trophy for the Green Bay Packers. Then again, over the last few seasons, the creativity for Super Bowl commercials has dropped significantly.  The recession didn’t do these companies any favors.  Enough about the economy, here are my top 5 Super Bowl commercials.

Volkswagen Passat: The Force Commercial

This was one funny commercial.  The Darth Vader Imperial March background music just capped it off.  Being an avid Star Wars fan also helps, and who wouldn’t want that Darth Vader costume?

Pepsi Max: Love Hurts Commercial

This was a great commercial in my opinion, but some people have taken the social issue in this commercial a bit too seriously.

Pepsi Max: Torpedo Cooler Commercial

Simple yet effective in my opinion.

Coke: Dragon Siege Commercial

A short, brilliant tribute to World of Warcraft or Lord of the Rings.

Careerbuilder: Parking Lot Commercial

Haven’t us 9 to 5ers all been here before at some point in our fulfilling lives with our own respective office monkeys?

This is a bonus one since the Super Bowl is our game and our rules in our own houses. The multiple crossovers of television shows was brilliant from the oldies to the current ones.

NFL: Best. Fans. Ever. Commercial