2013 Philly Fantasy Sports: Building a Better Sports Site

After dealing with family matters, this site will be rebuilt for the better. Fantasy news for football, baseball and hockey will be returning. Additionally, some Australian and European football news and views will be added. Stay tuned.


NFL to Refund Tickets in Full if 2011 Lockout Occurs: More Than Meets the Eye

The NFL is to refund season ticket holders and single game ticket holders in full for next season, if a collective bargaining agreement concerning an 18-game season is not reached in 2011.  This was stating the obvious, but there was a greater overhanging motive for this announcement.  It served three major purposes in my honest opinion. First and foremost, it’s to console the season ticket owners that they won’t lose their hard-earned money, particularly in this economy.  Second, it gives leverage to Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL brass in the upcoming collective bargaining agreement after this season ends.  Lastly, it deals with the 18-game season, and this announcement can and quite possibly will create endorsement from some NFL fans (otherwise known as  the general public).  This puts the NFL players fighting a two-headed negotiation instead of one. Smart, very smart.

Overall though, this announcement shouldn’t have been necessary, but it was a strategic move by the NFL brass.  Until then, NFL fans, enjoy the rest of this crazy season because if the collective bargaining agreement falls apart, you’ll be stuck watching Arena Football, the MLB pre-season, the NHL playoffs or NASCAR.  And you won’t have need for your 2011 draft board nor will the team scouts.