Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots: AFC Divisional Playoff Post-Game Analysis

The miracle of Denver Broncos Tim Tebow will be put to the test against the New England Patriots third-ranked quarterback Tom Brady in terms of quarterback rating.  On top of that, the Denver Broncos defense will have to contend with two of the best in terms of passing yardage during the regular season with Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker ranked second with 1,569 receiving yards and tight end Rob Gronkowski ranked sixth with 1,327 receiving yards.  Playing at Gillette Stadium won’t do Tim Tebow any favors  as the fans of Foxboro will do anything to unsettle the young Tim Tebow.  The miracle of Tim Tebow will have to overcome these odds and tip the scales.  Can it happen? Yes.  Will it happen? Not if coach Bill Belichick will have anything to say about it.

Now to the post-game analysis:

  • The New England Patriots veteran quarterback Tom Brady struck fast as he threw a 7-yard touchdown pass to his wideout Wes Welker with 13:14 into the first quarter.
  • With the fumble by Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow on Denver’s 17-yard line, Patriots Tom Brady immediately capitalized on the turnover with a 10-yard touchdown reception by his tight end Rob Gronkowski.  The Patriots lead 14-0 over the Denver Broncos with 7:17 in the first quarter.
  • Capitalizing on the interception on Tom Brady by safety Quinton Carter, the Denver Broncos running back Willis McGahee pounded the ball from 5-yard touchdown run and bring the game to 14-7 at the beginning of the second quarter.
  • Methodically moving down the field with the rushes of tight end Aaron Hernandez, running backs Danny Woodhead and BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Tom Brady threw a touchdown reception to Rob Gronkowski again with 7:49 in the second quarter to bring the score to 21-7.
  • With 2:06 in the second quarter, Patriots Deion Branch scored on a 61-yard reception to up the lead 28-7.
  • Yet another touchdown reception by Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski from 19 yards out with 10 seconds left until halftime.  Tom Brady tied an NFL record with his five touchdowns in a half of a postseason game.
  • With a half-field to play, Patriots Tom Brady threw a 17-yard touchdown reception to his tight end Aaron Hernandez to bring the score to 42-7 with 11:53 in the third quarter.  Brady broke a postseason record with his six touchdowns and the Patriots 42 points in a postseason game. This is beyond amazing.
  • With 2:19 in the third quarter, Broncos kicker Matt Prater kicked a 41-yard field goal to bring the score to 42-10.
  • On the Denver’s 2-yard line, Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski boot an easy 2o-yard field goal with 12:44 in the fourth quarter.
  • After a 41-yard pass to Broncos wideout Dimaryius Thomas, the Patriots defense locked down and locked on Tim Tebow, and the Broncos failed to score.  Kind of sad. Really.
  • After a 3rd and 10 punt by Tom Brady, a hardy scuffle between the Patriots and the Broncos occurred with 3:10 left in the game.  The frustration of the Denver Broncos defense ignited the scuffle, and it didn’t look pretty.

The New England Patriots defense contained Broncos Tim Tebow and forced him to be a pocket quarterback in the first half.  However, this is not Tebow’s element as he was forced to rely on his running back Willis McGahee to release pressure again. Willis McGahee produced sufficiently with 68 yards and a touchdown, but the Patriots had a ringer in their tight end Aaron Hernandez.  Hernandez nearly produced as much yardage on the ground with 58 yards — and he also had 29 receiving yards in the first half.

The second half continued with the dominance of the New England Patriots over the hapless Tim Tebow and his Denver Broncos.  Broncos coach John Fox could not stop the bleeding with quarterback Tim Tebow forced to throw deep.  Tim Tebow never developed as a pocket passer either with the Denver Broncos or the Florida Gators, and in this kind of situation, it was difficult to come back from.  The constant pressure of the Patriots defense didn’t help much either. The game ended finally with a 45-10 Patriots win.

Tom Brady and his New England Patriots will have to face either the Houston Texans or the Baltimore Ravens.  Either team have elite running backs in Texans Arian Foster or the Ravens Ray Rice who were ranked fifth and second respectively in terms of rushing yardage during the regular season.  Lastly and more critically, the Patriots will face the second or third-ranked overall defense during the regular season which should be intriguing either way.


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