Philadelphia Eagles Running Back Ronnie Brown: 2010 Year in Review and 2011 Outlook and Beyond

2010 Year in Review

With the recent acquisition of Ronnie Brown from the Miami Dolphins, the Philadelphia Eagles definitely got a better running back than former Cleveland Browns running back Jerome Harrison. With yet another trade, Jerome Harrison is now property of the Detroit Lions behind Javhid Best.  That doesn’t particularly raise Harrison’s value as a running back either for the Detroit Lions, but that’s another discussion for another day.  For Ronnie Brown, he was part of the running back tandem with Ricky Williams.  However, neither performed well last season, individually or as a team.  Now Ronnie Brown is with the Philadelphia Eagles behind the much-better running back LeSean McCoy.  Perhaps this change will give him some new legs…

In Brown’s 2010 season, he had 734 total rushing yards, a low 3.7 yards per attempt and only 5 touchdowns. He was ranked 31st among running backs in total rushing yardage. On the bright side, he was ranked higher than Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick with his 676 total rushing yardage.  On the downside, Michael Vick had twice as many touchdowns with 9 rushing touchdowns. In other words, Vick was a better running back than Brown was during the 2010 season.  That is a bitter pill to swallow for Ronnie Brown.

In his prime, Ronnie Brown did have two good seasons in 2006 and 2008.  In his 2006 season, he 1,008 total rushing yards, averaged 4.2 yards per rush and had 5 rushing touchdowns. In terms of total rushing yards, he was ranked 23rd.  On the downside, Michael Vick got him beat with 1,039 total rushing yardage during that season with the Atlanta Falcons.  His 2008 season performance was his best. During that season, he had 916 total rushing yards, averaged 4.3 yards per attempt and had 10 touchdowns. His 10 touchdowns ranked him 8th among running backs in that season in the company of elite Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

2011 Outlook and Beyond

Ronnie Brown only signed a one-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles which means that he won’t be there for the long-term, if Jerome Harrison is any telling of Eagles head coach Andy Reid’s intentions.  Given his recent performance, I wouldn’t expect him to stay with the Philadelphia Eagles for longer than one season either.

Ronnie Brown would most likely join the running back carousel next season, if he has a decent performance as LeSean McCoy’s backup. For the most part, he’s spent.  He might have running back performances with shock and awe in a few games.  Anything beyond that, he has gone to the veteran running back graveyard, and I don’t mean the Oakland Raiders.

2011 Fantasy Football Running Back Prospect

I would not be so eager to pick him early in the draft or the waiver wire.  His recent performances do not bring too much optimism.  And with McCoy’s history of injuries, Ronnie Brown should be taken only as a last resort, if that.  Even if he becomes starter for the Philadelphia Eagles, he should be considered no better than a low-end RB2 or perhaps flex.  As a backup, he’s nothing more than waiver wire fodder.


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