NFL and the NFLPA Lockout Countdown: Epilogue, or A Fan’s Retrospective

Dear NFL,

Now it’s been two weeks since the lockout has officially been over for the NFL, and everything is seemingly falling into place as the players and head coaches go forward onto their regularly scheduled business.  Even the fantasy football leagues are promoting themselves across the internet, as if nothing happened.  But something did happen…the past few months while the millionaire players union and the billionaire team owners argued…

These past few months have been long and taxing to say the least.  As much as the NFL team owners and players may have compromised in their collective bargaining agreement, it may have exhausted much of the patience of some of their fanbase, including myself.  We all  have seen how much greed governs much of professional sports with the lockouts recently, as in the case of the current NBA lockout.  What goes around comes around as this collective bargaining agreement is stalled in the courts.

Trades have come fast and furious in the past couple of weeks as quarterbacks, wide receivers, cornerbacks and running backs have been traded onto other teams.  Official training camps have started, and the new players are learning the new gameplans in the works.  But for some fans, football has been tainted somewhat.  No longer is there the enthusiastic jump onto the fantasy football leagues across the internet.  Rather there lies a deep skepticism as they are feeding into the big green monster, the NFL…

But it will come to pass as all things do, like with the MLB and the NHL.  Skepticism by the fans ultimately brought out a better game, and hopefully, with this upcoming season, things will have changed.

Perhaps it will.

Perhaps not.


A Football Fan and Philadelphia Eagles Fan


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