The Quarterback Carousel, Part 2: Trades, Trades Everywhere…The Fantasy Football Perspective

Kevin Kolb: From the Philadelphia Eagles to the Arizona Cardinals

Well, everyone, I believe, knew at some point this trade was going to come down.  Whether Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt made the right decision by trading cornerback Dominique Rogers-Cromartie and a second-round draft choice remains to be seen.  I believe Kevin Kolb does have talent when nurtured by his coach and his teammates.  He should find a hospitable environment to mature as a quarterback, but I don’t believe he will ever become an elite quarterback, perhaps a second-tier quarterback.


Kevin Kolb does have some nice intangibles for a pocket quarterback, particularly when he has a solid wide receiver to lean on in the name of Larry Fitzgerald.  With the acquisition of Tim Hightower to the Washington Redskins, it now leaves Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams as the dual running backs for the upcoming season.  This will be considered a rebuilding season, and it will be for Kevin Kolb as well.  He needs to develop chemistry and camaraderie between his new teammates for him to develop.  I think his tight end Ben Patrick will become one of new best friends on his team, if it becomes anything like last season with Eagles tight end Brent Celek.


During the 2010 regular season with the Philadelphia Eagles, he didn’t put up remarkable numbers.  He played only seven games.  And he had 1,197 passing yards, 7 touchdowns and a mediocre 76.1 quarterback rating.  During the 2009 season, he had a better quarterback rating of 88.9, but it was a bit inflated on the fact he played only five games.

Fantasy Football Perspective

Although Kevin Kolb is competitive, he hasn’t quite matured as a quarterback quite yet.  I would put him as low-end QB2 with lots of reservations.  I would even suggest leaving him on the waiver wire until he proves himself, which most likely will occur as the season progresses.  As the seasons progress, he might be worth a gamble then.  For now, he’s not quite worth it just yet.

Vince Young: From the Tennessee Titans to the Philadelphia Eagles

Although it is a one-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles as a backup, it is actually a bit of a quandary — as much as Michael Vick was in the same position under Donovan McNabb.  Vince Young was never an elite quarterback by any stretch of the imagination, but the Eagles did solve some problems of their own by this short-term acquisition.  He could become a formidable part of the Wildcat formation, should Eagles head coach Andy Reid use him in that manner.


Statistically, Vince Young has shown steady improvement.  His rookie and sophomore seasons with the Tennessee Titans were a bit rough on him as he often had as many touchdowns as he did interceptions.  His quarterback ratings of 66.7 and 71.1 demonstrated it.  In the most recent 2010 season, he improved tremendously with 10 touchdowns, 3 interceptions and a 98.6 quarterback rating.  He has a tendency to rush but not as much as Michael Vick, the quarterback he’s backing up.  He has much better weapons on the Philadelphia Eagles than he did with the Tennessee Titans overall.  He has elite wideouts in Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson, a solid running back in LeSean McCoy and a physical tight end in Brent Celek.


Although he has shown respect for Michael Vick now, should a spat occur between the two after an injury to Michael Vick, Vince Young could conceivably take over as starter for the rest of the season.  That would put Michael Vick in a bind, as he would be staring right in the mirror when he stole the starting job away from Kevin Kolb last season.  Vince Young is a bit more volatile than Michael Vick as proven last season with then-coach Jeff Fisher.  Although Michael Vick may be one of the reasons quite a few free agents joined the Philadelphia Eagles, I believe that Vince Young may actually have more leadership ability in the locker room than Michael Vick; that is, when he is calm and given a chance to lead.

Fantasy Football Perspective

I would most definitely take Vince Young as a reserve immediately.  He could potentially take over as starting quarterback this season for the Philadelphia Eagles, and when he does, you don’t want to miss that golden opportunity.  He is a solid QB2 with some upside, particularly with the Eagles.  Although he is every bit as fragile as Michael Vick, he is a bit smarter than Vick in my honest opinion and has less tendency to rush whenever there is trouble.

Tarvaris Jackson: From the Minnesota Vikings to the Seattle Seahawks

Tarvaris Jackson has been in the shadow of Brett Favre for the past couple of seasons.  Now he is on the Seattle Seahawks, the Cinderella team of last season.  Although the Seattle Seahawks was first in the weakest division last season, they did make the playoffs and defeated the New Orleans Saints.  With the recent acquisition of Sidney Rice as well, it’s two former Vikings teammates linking together this upcoming season.  This should bring some fruitful results, but with the Seahawks, it should be tempered, particularly under somewhat conservative head coach Pete Carroll.


The pros going for him is the fact that Sidney Rice and Zach Miller joined the Seattle Seahawks. He has demonstrated the ability to shine…for playing only half a season.  During the 2008 season, he had 1,056 passing yards, 9 touchdowns, 2 interceptions and a 98.2 quarterback rating.  Bear in mind it’s only 9 games that he played in.


Tarvaris Jackson isn’t the most proficient quarterback, and his numbers prove it.  His overall quarterback rating to date has been 76.6.  It may go higher this season, but I hold my reservations on this one.  The addition of Sidney Rice should help his numbers, but then again, Rice would help any quarterback’s numbers improve.  With the recent addition of Zach Miller from the Oakland Raiders, Tarvaris Jackson should be leaning on Miller’s capable hands, much like Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell did.

Fantasy Football Perspective

I would leave Tarvaris Jackson on the waiver wire for this upcoming draft.  I would only pick him should your quarterback stable become injured, and you’re left with no one else.  After the recent acquisitions, Jackson should be a low-end to middle QB2, and with the way the schedule looks after the Seahawks bye, I wouldn’t take too much of a chance on him.


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