Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Vince Young: 2010 Year in Review and 2011 Outlook and Beyond

2010 Year in Review

After the Vince Young debacle with the Tennessee Titans, the Philadelphia Eagles have acquired Vince Young for a one-year contract worth .  He will potentially serve as backup for the Eagles starter Michael Vick for now, but things can change.  If — and most likely, when — he becomes starter for the upcoming season, he will have a much better offense to work with than he did with the Titans.

In 2010, Young had 1,255 passing yards, 10 touchdowns, 3 interceptions and a 98.6 quarterback rating.  On top of that, he had 125 rushing yards.  Unfortunately, during that time, he was dealing with injuries as well as timeshare with Kerry Collins.  In the meantime, Vince Young had his best game against the Oakland Raiders.  In that game, he had 154 passing yards, 2 touchdowns and a 142.8 quarterback rating.  Young’s worst game came against the Pittsburgh Steelers the following Sunday.  He threw for 66 yards, 2 interceptions and a dismal 48.3 quarterback rating.  His backup Kerry Collins improved the situation somewhat, but the Titans ultimately fell to the Steelers 19-11.  Vince Young did redeem himself statistically on his last regular season game with the Washington Redskins.  He had 165 passing yards and a 107.6 quarterback rating.  But this was the time he detonated on former Titans coach Jeff Fisher, and then everything fell apart.

2011 Outlook and Beyond

Conceivably, with the way the schedule looks right now, Vince Young might have a chance to become a starter.  Although the second half isn’t quite as grueling as some of the other teams, it will give the Philadelphia Eagles fits coming up and past the bye week.  The St. Louis Rams and the New York Giants pose physical defensive threats to Michael Vick in the beginning of the season.  After the bye, the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Giants (again), the Chicago Bears, the New York Jets, the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots all pose physical defensive threats to Michael Vick.  With this in mind, Vince Young could potentially start about halfway through the season.  Remember the New York Giants defense created the original template to harassing Michael Vick last season, and with the first meeting with New York Giants early on this upcoming season, whatever new tricks Michael Vick learned during this off-season and pre-season won’t last too long when the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears show up after their bye week.

2011 Fantasy Football Quarterback Prospect

Vince Young is worth a reserve immediately.  If he’s on the waiver wire, I would definitely suggest picking him up, if not early, then after the Eagles bye week.  He’s a solid QB2 with upside, should he become the starter for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Although he’s about as durable, or lack thereof, as Michael Vick, he’s a bit smarter and has less tendency to rush.


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