The Quarterback Carousel, Part 1: Trades, Trades Everywhere…The Fantasy Football Perspective

Matt Hasselbeck: From the Seattle Seahawks to the Tennessee Titans

With Matt Hasselbeck on a new team, he should have a chance to begin anew, but whether he will become productive as he once was remains to be seen as in 2005.  Back in 2005, with Shaun Alexander as his running back, Matt Hasselbeck was nearly at his most prolific with 3,459 yards passing, 24 touchdowns and an overall 98.2 quarterback rating.


With Matt Hasselbeck as a starter, he should have a chance to tutor Jake Locker.  Whether that is beneficial in the long-term that remains to be seen.  Pessimistically, Jake Locker could become the next A.J. Feeley as a result.  At least for this upcoming season, he will a strong running back in the name of Chris Johnson.  If Chris Johnson could once again become a running threat this season, it should open lanes to his receivers.  With Kenny Britt lacking control of himself off the field, it seems like Nate Washington will be the first to benefit.


Matt Hasselbeck hasn’t been his elite self in quite a while.  Since 2005, with the exception of the 2007 season, his quarterback rating has been on the decline.  It has dropped from 98.2 in the 2005 season  to 73.2 in the 2010 season. His touchdown production has fallen to nearly half since 2005 from 24 to 12 touchdowns.  Unfortunately, the number of interceptions have nearly doubled since 2005 from 9 interceptions during the height of his career to 17 interceptions last season.

Fantasy Football Perspective

Matt Hasselbeck still isn’t worth the gamble in my opinion.  He’s at best a low-end QB2, and his age will catch with him much faster than Brett Favre.  His durability — and his consistency — has been in question the past couple of seasons as well.

Donovan McNabb: From the Washington Redskins to the Minnesota Vikings

This is a bit of a gamble, but there’s an upside for the Leslie Frazier and his Minnesota Vikings team.  With rookie Christian Ponder still in the works, Donovan McNabb will have resources remarkably similar to the Philadelphia Eagles albeit more durable overall.  If Leslie Frazier can keep Donovan McNabb happy, he should become a productive contributor to the team.  But if Donovan McNabb is replaced mid-season due to inconsistencies, like last season with the Washington Redskins, it could spell turbulence for the Minnesota Vikings with Donovan McNabb’s childish behavior resurfacing.


Donovan McNabb has a shotgun of the arm, but he was most prolific with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2004.  He had 3,875 passing yards, 31 touchdowns and a 104.7 quarterback rating.  With dominant Adrian Peterson as his running back and his stable of potent wideouts, he and his teammates should have immediate benefits.  Wideouts Percy Harvin and Bernard Berrian should benefit.  However, with Donovan McNabb, there is always a catch…


Donovan McNabb has been a slow decline since 2004.  His touchdown production has nearly fell in half from 31 touchdowns to 14 touchdowns.  The number of the interceptions have nearly doubled  from 8 interceptions to 15 last season.  With his inconsistencies and erratic behavior on the field, I remain skeptical of him grooming any upcoming quarterbacks on the Minnesota Vikings roster.  In other words, actions speak far louder than words ever will.

Fantasy Football Perspective

On the Minnesota Vikings team, he could potentially return to his former productive self.  However, it will heavily depend on the chemistry between the coach and his teammates.  For now, he’s worth a solid QB2 with an upside.  Donovan McNabb is worth a gamble.


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  1. .Donovan McNabb during his tenure with the ….No.5Minnesota Vikings… McNabb also excelled in track and field during his high school years and played on the school basketball team with .. He ranked sixth in the nation with a 158.9 passing efficiency rating and 22nd in total offense with 233.8 yards per game.

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