NFL and the NFLPA Lockout Countdown: Lockout Day+136, or The Beginning of the Beginning At Last

Better late than never…

The collective bargaining agreement has finally been agreed upon on yesterday, lockout day+136 or thereabouts, on both sides.  Even the Tom Brady, et. al union decertification case was put to rest as the NFLPA decided to unionize once again.  It happened with little drama, although it was quite lengthy.  Now both sides can be back to making money and playing football.  The multi-billion dollar industry will begin in early August as free agency, trades and mini-camps will begin.

It was a public relations scene as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith made their announcement of their 1o-year agreement to the media.  The terms of the new collective bargaining agreement came with some wins and some losses on both sides.  The team owners get 53 percent while the NFL players get 47 percent of all annual revenues going forward.  The team owners now must commit to spending near their salary cap limits.  On the other side, the players get safer practice sessions during the off-season, and the players now get five days off their bye week.  This should lead to better competition between the teams going foward as the players will be able to recover their injuries no matter how slight.  Those prone to injury like Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick will see immediate benefit from this. The veteran players will also get their minimum salary increased.  Lastly, for the players, the rookie wage scale means that future rookies will have a significantly reduced salary going forward, no matter if their first or thirty-first.  The only factor that wasn’t decided entirely was the 18-game schedule.  It will be decided at a later date supposedly, but that remains to be seen once the mini-camps and the upcoming season begins.

This has been a long and testing time for the NFL fans, and more drama has already begun.  The Brett Favre drama has begun yet again, as it appears that he may have sights for the Philadelphia Eagles.  However, I believe it’s a nightmare wrapped within a pipe dream for most Eagles fans.  The draft boards can now begin to prepared for fantasy football fans, and if it’s anything like the previous season, fantasy football fans should be prepared for anything.


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