NFL and the NFLPA Lockout Countdown: Unprecedented Two Lockouts in the NFL and the NBA

After five days worth of discussion between the NFL and the NFLPA concerning their collective bargaining agreement and their lockout, the progress has recently regressed.  With NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, NLFPA head DeMaurice Smith and U.S. Judge Magistrate Arthur Boylan and a few team owners including New York Giants John Mara, Kansas City Chiefs Clark Hunt, Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones and New England Patriots Robert Kraft, it appears that the divisive issue of the annual revenue, with the players taking 45 percent, has fallen as some team owners have resisted against that amount.  It comes as no surprise really as $9 billion is a lot of money to part with and divide among the NFL players and team owners.  Greed is what greed does.

In the NBA, their negotiations have apparently stalled as well.  NBA Commissioner David Stern said a lockout will go into effect after their present collective bargaining agreement expires Thursday at midnight. It would be their first lockout since 1998-99 season.  With their union head Billy Hunter, it appears that the NBA players union will not decertify, but at this junction, anything can happen.

After doing some research, two lockouts in professional sports at the same time are unprecedented with the NFL and NBA collective bargaining agreements in limbo.  I believe this is sincerely disappointing to fans of professional football and basketball and sports in general.  With the U.S. economy still struggling, these lockouts could not have happened at a worst time.  Financially, either of these sports give the economy much-needed jolts with the selling of assorted merchandise, paraphernalia, tickets and foodstuffs.  In terms of morale, fans of these sports could enjoy cheering on their favorite teams and players, instead of dwelling on whether they’ll be able to pay their mortgage and utilities next week.  These are bitter times indeed…whether any sweetness will come out after the Fourth of July celebrations, it may be best to remain with tempered optimism as the issue of money isn’t so good right now for either professional sport.  Unfortunately, no amount of commotion of fans will speed up the process.


One comment on “NFL and the NFLPA Lockout Countdown: Unprecedented Two Lockouts in the NFL and the NBA

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