Philadelphia Eagles Running Back LeSean McCoy: 2010 Year in Review and 2011 Outlook and Beyond

2010 Year in Review

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy had a relatively subdued 2010 regular season, considering the splash he could have made.  Although McCoy hasn’t reached the potential of his predecessor in Brian Westbrook with his 1,333 rushing yards in 2007 and 9 total rushing touchdowns in 2008, he still had a productive season in 2010 with 1,080 yards rushing and 7 touchdowns.  Considering the quarterback Michael Vick accumulated 676 rushing yards and 9 rushing touchdowns last season, LeSean McCoy could have potentially had a better season than Brian Westbrook with even the addition of half of Vick’s rushing yardage and touchdowns.  Potentially, McCoy could have had 1,418 total rushing yards and 11 to 12 touchdowns for the 2010 regular season.  That would’ve meant that LeSean McCoy could have been in third overall in terms of rushing yards during the regular season and would have had more yardage than Atlanta Falcons Michael Turner.  Additionally, he would have tied for fourth overall during the regular season with Atlanta Falcons Michael Turner and Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson.  He would have been with great company and possibly enjoy much better contracts in the future as a Philadelphia Eagle and elsewhere.  Back to reality…with his 1,080 rushing yards during the regular season, he was 14th overall in terms of rushing yardage below Cincinnati Bengals Cedric Benson, and in terms of total touchdowns, he was 13th tied with Bengals Cedric Benson nonetheless.  In reality, he was only about as good as an overrated Bengals running back on a dysfunctional team last season.  That kind of speaks for itself.

During the 2010 regular season, he did have a great performance every now and then when he wasn’t content running less than 50 yards per game.  In the Detroit Lions game in week 2, he had perhaps his best overall performance of the season with the Philadelphia Eagles defeating the Detroit Lions 35-32.  In that game, he had 120 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns.  Surprisingly, in that fateful Washington Redskins game on November 15, he did not earn the lead rushing stat on that night.  Ironically, his backup Jerome Harrison accumulated 109 yards and a touchdown, and LeSean McCoy himself had 43 yards total rushing that night.  Like the former Giant Killer of the past in Brian Westbrook, he had a nice run against the  New York Giants with 111 yards rushing and a touchdown in the following game.  He had his most rushing yardage that season with the Dallas Cowboys with 149 yards later in the season.  However, against the tougher defenses of the Chicago Bears, the Tennessee Titans (early on) and Minnesota Vikings, he was virtually stuffed at the line, keeping below 50 yards total rushing during the entire game.  Although he has some bright spots during the 2010 season, he had more blemishes in his sophomore season as a Philadelphia Eagles running back.

2011 Outlook and Beyond

In reality, McCoy has become a comparable replacement for Brian Westbrook.  They both have about the same amount of yards per rushing attempt — 4.6 to 4.7.  Compared to Brian Westbrook’s sophomore season, however, LeSean McCoy had accumulated far more rushing yardage than his predecessor by 467 yards.  He also had the same number of touchdowns as his predecessor.  That is quite impressive, but McCoy could have done a whole lot more during the regular season.

McCoy has demonstrated he has the potential to become better than his predecessor and perhaps become one of the league’s elite running backs in the future.  However, he is ironically capped by his quarterback Michael Vick in terms of reaching his full potential.  If Michael Vick continues to play as rushing quarterback, LeSean McCoy could potentially be stunted in his development although it has been demonstrated statistically that he is well-capable of excelling in this league.  Talent, he is not short of; with Michael Vick at the helm, the number of carries may be.

2011 Fantasy Football Running Back Prospect

Continuing into 2011, LeSean McCoy at this point could be no higher than a low-end RB2.  He might gain you yardage but with his limitations put on him by his quarterback, he won’t be considered any higher.  He could potentially be worth trade bait as the season progresses, but for the most part, he should remain a reserve on the bench at the best.  He doesn’t lack the talent to become a RB1, like say Cedric Benson who will never excel beyond a RB2.  Unfortunately, with the way the team is structured, his talent –and his speed — are wasted generally.


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