NFL and the NFLPA Lockout Countdown: Lockout Day+83, or The Secret Meeting, the Symposium…and Even More Workouts!

With the NFL lockout still going on, the NFL and the now-dissolved NFLPA decided to hold a secret meeting last Wednesday.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, now-defunct NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith and several team owners met in Chicago in attempt to push talks forward.  Now that both sides have heard the NFL fanbase deriding the lockout, I suppose that both sides view now is as good time as any to pursue their “mediation” of sorts somewhat aggressively.  The owners in attendance in this secret meeting were Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones, New England Patriots Robert Kraft, Carolina Panthers Jerry Richardson, New York Giants John Mara and Pittsburgh Steelers Art Rooney.  Despite these talks, not much progress was made again as an unnamed source said that talks were still has ways to go.  With the National Labor Relations Board decision coming soon (hopefully), these other cases will be resolved soon, including the Tom Brady, et. al vs. NFL anti-trust case in Minneapolis next Tuesday.

Until then, even more NFL players hold even more private workouts! The Tennessee Titans, the New England Patriots and the Minnesota Vikings held their own private workouts.  With that in tow, at least the rookies attending these camps will have been invited by the NFLPA for a symposium in which they will be discussing finances, proper behavior on and off the field and other pertinent matters.  This symposium will be held at the end of June, and 254 drafted rookies have been invited.  Whether it remains a substantial portion of these rookies will attend or not, that remains to be seen as their potential careers are held in limbo without any season in sight presently.

After much of this week’s smoke and mirrors and the dismal past months of this historical work stoppage, I want to relay a simple note to Commissioner Roger Goodell, the team owners and the players: The stalemate has already gotten stale. Enough already. 


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