Philadelphia Flyers Free Falling Against Boston Bruins: Deja Vu All Over Again

This is the second round of the Philadelphia Flyers in the Stanley Cup playoffs, and again, the Flyers are falling behind 3-0 with tonight’s game quite possibly sealing their end in the playoffs.  This time, however, it’s against the Boston Bruins.  Flyers goalie Brian Boucher has been underperforming as well as the rest of the Flyers team against the Boston Bruins.  Admittedly, their goalie Tim Thomas has been fantastic and relatively consistent against the Philadelphia Flyers.  Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas has been playing much better against Philadelphia than during the regular season overall.  In the regular season, Thomas had a .916 save percentage and 2.42 GAA; and against Philadelphia in the playoffs, he’s had .952 save percentage and 1.86 GAA.

Comparably, Flyers goalie Brian Boucher has been having problems with the Boston Bruins offense.  In game 1, he had a low .783 save percentage, and in the most recent game, he had a .800 save percentage.  Throughout the series so far with the Bruins, he’s had a low save percentage of .846 and a very high GAA of 5.26.  Both are far below his regular season averages of .916 save percentage and 2.42 GAA.  Unfortunately, Brian Boucher is the best hope between him and Sergei Bobrovsky as Michael Leighton appears to be injured.

Admittedly, part of the problem with the Flyers in the playoffs are the goalies, but there are far more underlying problems.  Although the Flyers have led the Bruins in total number of shots over the past three games and total winning faceoffs over the past two games (except Wednesday’s matchup), they have lost in their takeaways as Boston has led or tied over the past three games.  But the recent collapse in game 3 was partially because simply the Flyers could not win their faceoffs as Boston had 43 over the Flyers 12.

Tonight’s game is do or die for the Philadelphia Flyers as they face off on Bruin’s home ice at TD Garden Arena.  Although they have been aggressive offensively, the Boston offense has simply been more efficient with their shots on goal.  It will be a nailbiter for Philadelphia hockey fans for certain.  Philadelphia fans won’t be going down alone though.  With the veterans Detroit Red Wings on the ropes against the San Jose Sharks, they could face elimination on the same night as the Philadelphia Flyers.


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