NFL and the NFLPA Lockout Countdown: Lockout Day+48, or the Nelson Imposition

With all these legalities going on, the NFL Draft has officially begun for each of the respective teams as they wheel-and-deal to get the best upcoming rookies on their rosters.  Despite these festivities, these legal cases will still go on as Nelson expects an immediate appeal at the 8th District of Appeals in St. Louis. However, U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson has imposed the lift on the lockout on the NFL team owners.  These owners, of course, are appealing the ruling, but it does give hope to the players and their fans that the season may start on time — maybe.  The Draft will proceed although not with confusion.  The state of the use of the team facilities has been put on hold as the team owners seek clarification.  Additionally, the free agency contracts tendered in March before the work stoppage will be enforced using 2010 rules.  Lastly,  NFL’s free agency, should the lockout proceed after the appeal, could fall into a mess as players will be falling under two different contract litigations. Until the Appellate Court resolves Nelson’s ruling, the NFL is in a state of legal mire although the Nelson’s ruling has given players and fans early success.  This success may be short-lived and may cause irreparable damage in the long-term.

For now, the first day of the NFL Draft has proceeded with little hitch.  The rookies from the NCAA has at least determined which team they will potentially join.  This will give the coaches minimally ideas for gameplans as they will know where the new players will potentially fit.  For the Philadelphia Eagles, they should fill in the offensive line first and holes in their defense.  The offense, although highly potent and explosive, can take care of itself this potential upcoming season.  DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek and LeSean McCoy are all fairly young in their respective positions, and wideouts DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin are maturing nicely.

Until then, football fans will have to wait until May 16th until any significant progress will happen, unless there’s another round of mediation.


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