Cole Hamels and the Philadelphia Phillies Squeak Past the Florida Marlins

With the Phillie Phanantic birthday yesterday, accompanied with his friends and Philadelphia Phillies fans on a sunny and windy Sunday, the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Florida Marlins at Citizens Bank Park 3-2. The Marlins offense was persistent and efficient during much of the game, but Carlos Ruiz ‘s sacrifice fly brought home Ryan Howard for the winning run in the eighth inning.

Phillies starter Cole Hamels pitched quite efficiently in this game with 7 innings pitched, 101 pitches and a 4.32 ERA.  However, he did have difficulty in the top of the sixth inning.   Florida Marlins second baseman Omar Infante started off the inning with a double to the left. Mike Stanton singled to shallow left to bring in Omar Infante to bring the run, closing the Phillies lead to 2-1.   Logan Morrison sacrificed fly to right brought in Mike Stanton for the tie score of 2-2.

Going through the Phillies bullpen, Ryan Madson pitched in the eighth inning with 26 pitches and the win for this game.  He was extremely efficient in the inning that he pitched.

Phillies closer Jose Contreras, perhaps as erratic as injured Brad Lidge, kept things interesting on top of the ninth inning.  Marlins John Buck began the inning with a walk off of Contreras, and Scott Cousins came in to pitch run for John Buck.  Greg Dobbs, Marlins pitch hitter, grounded out to second and brought Cousins to second base.  Jose Contreras then walked Chris Coghlan.  By this time, Philadelphia Phillies fans are holding their breath as the Marlins have runners on first and third base.  But they would get little reprieve as Jose Contreras threw a wild pitch that was luckily blocked by Carlos Ruiz, but Chris Coghlan would earn a stolen base.  Fortunately, Omar Infante’s ground out to third closed the inning to keep the score 3-2.

This was a fairly exciting although low-scoring game.  The Milwaukee Brewers will come to Citizens Bank Park tonight at 7 PM.  The starting pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies will be Joe Blanton who has been less than spectacular this season.  So far, through this season, he has a 10.34 ERA on a 1.94 WHIP.  For the Brewers, they will start Shaun Marcum who has been much better.  Currently, he has a relatively efficient 2.55 ERA on 1.19 WHIP.  Unfortunately, tonight’s game may not go in Phillies favor again with Joe Blanton on the mound.


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