Philadelphia Flyers Lost to New York Rangers 3-2 in Shootout Overtime: More of the Philly Malaise

With four losses in their last five games against the Boston Bruins, Atlanta Thrashers, New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers, the Philadelphia Flyers are collapsing although they have clinched their berth in the playoffs.  Flyers goalie Sergie Bobrovsky simply could not pull high on those two shots in the shootout against him.  Both Rangers Erik Christensen and Wojtek Wolski pulled their wristshots up high in the goal and used the tendency of Sergie Bobrovsky to block low against him for their two goals in the shootout.

But this is sadly more of the same for Philadelphia sports.  Usually always, there is a sudden collapse of the sports team, even though it may be on fire.  Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles collapsed in their post-season game against the Green Bay Packers when they needed their win the most.  The Philadelphia Phillies collapsed in the post-season against the San Francisco Giants as they could not generate sufficient offense to overcome the Giants.  If the Flyers intend on lifting up the Stanley Cup for Philadelphia fans, they have to wake up — and soon.


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