Philadelphia Phillies Starter Roy Oswalt Sidelined: Enter the Theater of the Absurd

Now another Philadelphia Phillie may be injured, and it’s starting pitcher Roy Oswalt‘s turn.  He was sidelined yesterday by a hard hit liner by Tampa Bay RaysManny Ramirez in a pre-season game.  Yet another one gone, but this may not be a pressing concern — hopefully.  From the x-rays given soon after the incident, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel gave the thumbs up that Oswalt will most likely start in his next scheduled game.

Now the touted Philadelphia Phillies roster in the beginning of the pre-season is already depleted with the regular season beginning in a week or so against the Houston Astros.  With Chase Utley, Placido Polanco, Dominic Brown, Brad Lidge and now Roy Oswalt, the Phillies may be working on a skeleton crew against the Houston Astros in their season opening.  Philadelphia Phillies fans might begin to pray that a MLB 2K video game curse doesn’t begin with Roy Halladay, and this ridiculous injury bug doesn’t sideline Cliff Lee, Carlos Ruiz, Ryan Howard or any other prominent player that might go down before the regular season even begins.  This has become the theater of the absurd.  With the way things are going at this point, even the mascot, the Phillie Phanatic, should get concerned that he might get hit by a runaway golf cart.


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