Luis Castillo and Danys Baez With the Philadelphia Phillies: Two Epic Failures

Luis Castillo was originally traded from the New York Mets to the Philadelphia Phillies to play in the minor league for a while as a potential replacement for Chase Utley should he go out of the season due to a patellar issue.  Well, to start off the wrong foot, Castillo arrived two days later after attending to his family problems.  However, he did not notify Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel or his staff of the changes in his schedule.  Luckily, the New York Mets organization absorbed much of his last year’s contract, a healthy sum of $6 million for 2011, prior to his transfer to the Philadelphia Phillies for spring training.  Lastly, with great relief to his potential teammates and the Phillies fans, general manager Ruben Amaro is only auditioning Luis Castillo so if he doesn’t make the cut, he doesn’t make the cut.

Statistically, Luis Castillo isn’t altogether bad, but he isn’t altogether good either.  Recently, with the Mets, he’s kept a respectable .269 batting average.  However, Castillo is no home-run hitter which may be beneficial for the Philadelphia Phillies ball club which seem to favor solo home run shots over the past few seasons.  Over the past three seasons with the Mets, he’s averaged 28 RBIs and 15 stolen bases per season.  However, his irresponsible nature is particularly questionable since he has demonstrated it to both managers of the New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies.  Even if Castillo demonstrates he is capable of starting, I imagine Charlie Manuel would remain skeptical of him during the entire 2011-2012 season.

And then there’s Danys Baez who still carries a $2.5 million dollar payout this season and still on the Phillies roster. Baez is not worth $2.5 million statistically speaking as he has one of the worst pitching statistics for any pitcher.  Although he has improved somewhat since his departure from the Baltimore Orioles, in 2010, Baez had a whopping 5.48 ERA which is only slightly better than his other whopping 6.44 ERA in 2007 when he was with the Orioles organization.  Baez has been the shell of what he was since leaving Tampa Bay in 2005, and he hasn’t improved since.  In fact, he’s gotten remarkably worse generally.  Baez’ footwork, sloppy pitching mechanics and overall telegraphing of incoming pitches are all marks against him.

The Phillies are currently contending with injuries to their major players before the season even opens with the Houston Astros in about a week.  With both Luis Castillo and Danys Baez, they will have to contend with both of these depressing failures.


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