NFL and the NFLPA Mediation Countdown: Lockout Day+6, Or The Charades Continue

Now it’s Friday, and nearly a week after the NFL team owners have declared the lockout and the NFLPA has undergone decertification.  With both parties at a standstill, the NFL players have undertaken to strike back on their own without the union’s assistance against the team owners.  From one of their initial volleys against the team owners, the disbanded NFLPA decided first to hold the top incoming draftees from attending the NFL Draft proper with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, but they decided that they might hold an “alternative event” which NLFPA executive director DeMaurice Smith might shake their hands instead. Whether the NFL Draft is held with Commissioner Roger Goodell or NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith is irrelevant at this point, it is still a show and now a show with a political move behind it.

In a vain attempt to acquiesce the NFL players, the NFL proposed suspensions for illegal hits.  Additionally, they proposed moving the kickoff 5 yards to the 35 and touchbacks to the 25.  This is a meager attempt to satisfy the players, much less the public.

In other news, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco took out on his own to participate in Major League Soccer tryouts for Sporting Kansas City.  At best, he might actually have a chance of doing well and might be a diva for another sport.  At worst, he’ll warm the benches of this soccer team while real soccer players play.

And in more of the other news, Minnesota Vikings Pro Bowl running back Adrian Peterson commented that the NFL is  a form of modern slavery to Yahoo! Sports.  Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall defended him via Twitter.  Both of these running backs received some attacks from the general public and the media, but this is nothing more than mere charade, mere show.  The absurdity of it got the attention of the press, which served Peterson’s purpose, but it’s nothing more than a mindless shouting in order to get attention. It still doesn’t resolve the issue that the NFL work stoppage is still in effect over finances.

At this point in the juncture, it appears that sports fans will have to settle for the MLB regular season opening in the next couple of weeks, the upcoming NHL playoffs and at present, the spectacular NCAA March Madness has already begun.  President Barack Obama has not yet intervened on NFL’s behalf as of yet.  But the longer the work stoppage draws out, it might eventually draw Obama out of the shelter of the White House.  If Obama doesn’t do public relations himself, surely another government agency might intervene at some point, especially when summer comes to a close. Until then, we wait for the rich team owners and players fight childishly amongst themselves, much like the rich college colleagues constantly argued among themselves for nearly the entire movie The Social Network without the awkward presence of Jesse Eisenberg as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.


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