NFL and the NFLPA Mediation Countdown: Lockout Day Delayed+7

In the land of Washington, D.C., where things often become fat, the mediation between the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, NFL team owners and the NFL players union surprisingly has made a little bit of progress about the opening of the books by the NFL team owners to the NFLPA.  This is the final day of the negotiation between the two groups on the NFL labor dispute.  If it is not resolved, most likely, the team owners will perform the inevitable lockout.  After all the time spent in D.C. and Chantilly, George Cohen, the federal mediator, and Jeff Pash, the league’s lead negotiator, has not found common ground between the team owners and the NFL players union.  Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, among other owners, are now in a state of discontent as well.

With 15 hours left on the clock, the NFLPA remained discontent despite the opening of the books to the players union and the cut from the $9 billion annually to $800 million.  The NFLPA could not agree to the extension of the regular schedule from 16 games to 18 games, with their pressing concern on player safety.  Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita, a member of NFLPA’s executive board, told the Associated Press and NFL Network that the NFL players want even more.  However, the owners don’t want to concede to full financial disclosure.  With both sides not willing to concede more than they deem necessary, today is the last day for any sort of discussion, pending yet another extension.

Now the clock may have finally run out on the NFL collective bargaining agreement, and it’s not looking good.  With the economy making minimal strides, the NFL appears to follow in its footsteps.


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