Former Running Back Tiki Barber Files Papers to Return to the New York Giants

Tiki Barber has officially filed papers with the NFL with the intention to return to the game of football and  play with the New York Giants once again, but this may be resting on hopes and dreams more than anything else at the moment.  Although Giants coach Tom Coughlin could possibly enjoy the company of Tiki Barber, he would not be useful on the New York Giants team currently, as they have star running backs in the combination of Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs.  Lastly, with the fumble-prone backfield at times, the addition of another fumble-prone running back won’t potentially help the team much.

Although he wishes that he could be LaDanian Tomlinson and resurrect a career, two things stand against him.  First, he is not in football shape, and it won’t be easy to instantly transform since he’s been off the field.  The benefit of the delayed collective bargaining agreement will give him a tad more time to train for next season, should he wish to return. Second, Tiki never was the running back threat that LaDanian Tomlinson was, and the only threats he posed to any signficant degree was in the NFC East, more with the Washington Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Tiki can continue tossing his coins into the wishing well for a resurrection of his career, but it’s nothing more and nothing less than that. Perhaps he’ll find a new home elsewhere, most likely not.


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