NFL and the NFLPA Mediation Countdown: Lockout Day

With the attendance of New York Giants John Mara yesterday, and with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in association with Green Bay Packers president John Murphy, and the members of the NFL executive union board including New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, the bustling activity between Chantilly and Washington, D.C. was a matter of show and nothing more it seems.  The independent federal agency designed to mediate these two groups could not come to an agreement yesterday, and with team owners, such as Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones and Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay, expressing frustration about yesterday’s frivolous discussions, today’s talks don’t seem particularly optimistic.

The main issue has been the $9 billion in revenues annually, and the division thereof among the team owners and the NFL players.  True, both sides do agree that talking on the subject has done some good, but there has been nothing to show for it so far.

Show me the money?  The fans want both sides to show real progress.  How about we start with that?

Alas, the countdown looms with 15 hours left until the end of this day…


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