The Other Stuff: Holy Family University Basketball Coach Resigns: The Virality of the Situation

This was one of those situations in which a single video that went viral exploded in such a manner which may not have beneficial to the Holy Family University in general.  It is ironic that the social media that we’ve all come to embrace from Facebook, various blog sites and feeds to the 140-letter tweets have brought us closer and with more immediacy — but also comes with more prejudice.  Some may have leapt to conclusions about the situation, drawing upon a snapshot, although very incriminating snapshot, of college basketball player Matt Kravchuk being pushed by his coach in a drill.

Holy Family coach John O’Connor appeared to practicing some physical drills with his Division II basketball team, and Kravchuk filed a police report on February 11 concerning his bruised lip and bloody nose.  O’Connor attempted to apologize on ABC’sGood Morning America,” but Matt Kravchuk did not accept his apology.  Additionally, following the incident, O’Connor apologized to Kravchuk privately and reported the incident to athletic director Sandra Michael. It appeared only the coach’s resignation would satisfy Matt Kravchuk…

There may be two perspectives to this situation — one dealing with the sport itself and one concerning the incident as it exists.  Basketball is a physical sport, with lots of physical contact and pushing on the court.  Perhaps not the severity of football, but it remains a physical sport.  The pushing of the coach demonstrated how physically demanding the sport can be at times.  Then there’s the other side of the coin — the incident within a vacuum.  Matt Kravchuk was wronged admittedly, but not accepting the coach’s apology whether privately or publicly leads to a lot of questions concerning his motives.  I imagine these motives may resurface later, if social media has something to do with it.

I agreed that the coach should have been reprimanded, but for basketball, physicality is required at some point, like when jumping to the hoop for a slam dunk.  In the NBA, those lanes close faster than a New York Minute, and either through pure power like LeBron James or pure finesse like Michael Jordan at his prime, these players in the professional arena have to be physical in their own way.  College basketball is mere preparation for that kind of physicality.  Unfortunately, this is one situation where the virality of the video only benefited Matt Kravchuk in my stark opinion.  I suspect there may be something more to him, as the days wear on and the situation is permitted to simmer.


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