Fans of Super Bowl XLV Sue Over Seating: The Gluttony of Luxury Sweets

After the debacles of Super Bowl XLV of the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers at Cowboys Stadium, ranging from Christina Aguilera‘s problems with the Star Spangled Banner to the disastrous techno-rap halftime show of the Black Eyed Peas, Super Bowl XLV’s problems began when seats of some 1,250 fans were pulled after the fire marshall deemed the temporary seating dangerous. All were moved elsewhere, and 400 fans watched the game on monitors or standing-room platforms.

The NFL attempted to acquiesce of these roughly 400 fans with money, tickets and merchandise.  Originally, the league offered $2,400 and tickets to next season’s Super Bowl, but this offer appeared less than charitable for these fans.  So the NFL offered a second option: they can choose to await for the conference championship to determine if they wish that year’s Super Bowl in the future, and they will be provided round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations.  But this appeared to be not enough compensation for these fans either.

Now these fans are suing $5 million in actual damages and unspecified punitive damages from the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys and their owner Jerry Jones for the faulty seating.  This class-action lawsuit will repayment of the full price of the tickets and travel expenses.

This lawsuit represents the state of American culture nowadays with its gluttony.  Whenever something doesn’t go as one wants it to go, the first and best option is often reliance on lawyers and their lawsuits.  From the blatant markings on cups of hot beverages to the sanitation of smoking, this is the culture of America and the rampancy of frivolous lawsuits. When the NFL attempts to give one better accommodations as apologies for their error, most of these fans still want more — more in terms of money.  Admittedly Jerry Jones own greed got the better of him in this issue, the NFL did attempt to accommodate these fans on his behalf with merchandise, money and future tickets.  These things didn’t satisfy these fans — only more money does, only their greed does.  From the outside, these fans are not gaining much of any sympathy, at least for me.  The repercussions of this lawsuit will be that the price of these tickets will only increase more for other fans in the future, and these tickets will now include more legalese on the back.  Saddening, just saddening.


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