My Top 5 Favorite Super Bowl XLV Commercials

This wasn’t a particularly good showing of television commercials during this Super Bowl XLV between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers. Aaron Rodgers came home with a Super Bowl ring, the Super Bowl MVP Award, a Camaro and the fourth Vince Lombardi Trophy for the Green Bay Packers. Then again, over the last few seasons, the creativity for Super Bowl commercials has dropped significantly.  The recession didn’t do these companies any favors.  Enough about the economy, here are my top 5 Super Bowl commercials.

Volkswagen Passat: The Force Commercial

This was one funny commercial.  The Darth Vader Imperial March background music just capped it off.  Being an avid Star Wars fan also helps, and who wouldn’t want that Darth Vader costume?

Pepsi Max: Love Hurts Commercial

This was a great commercial in my opinion, but some people have taken the social issue in this commercial a bit too seriously.

Pepsi Max: Torpedo Cooler Commercial

Simple yet effective in my opinion.

Coke: Dragon Siege Commercial

A short, brilliant tribute to World of Warcraft or Lord of the Rings.

Careerbuilder: Parking Lot Commercial

Haven’t us 9 to 5ers all been here before at some point in our fulfilling lives with our own respective office monkeys?

This is a bonus one since the Super Bowl is our game and our rules in our own houses. The multiple crossovers of television shows was brilliant from the oldies to the current ones.

NFL: Best. Fans. Ever. Commercial


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