Juan Castillo as the Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Coordinator: My Thoughts and Reflections

This promotion of Juan Castillo from the offensive side of the ball to the defensive side of the ball for the Philadelphia Eagles has got me thinking quite a lot.  With the firing of Sean McDermott and the hiring of Juan Castillo, the defensive framework set by the late Jim Johnson has been torn apart and begun anew under Juan Castillo.  The legacy of Jim Johnson has been tossed away barely a year and a half later. But that is the culture of the NFL nowadays — everything is quick, immediate, and disposable, a reflection of American culture but that’s another story for another time.  The last recent example has been  former head coach Jeff Fisher who was recently released from the Tennessee Titans after 16 long seasons among other things.

It has been interesting how many people are assuring that the Philadelphia Eagles organization is doing the right thing with this promotion of Castillo. Head coach of the St. Louis Rams Steve Spagnulo and former Eagle Tra Thomas assured that this move was good.  Much like the assurances from the media and others about Michael Vick, especially the commendation from President Barack Obama and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  With this much assurance, the Philadelphia Eagles sure as heck don’t need the talking duck from Aflac.  True, from a defensive standpoint, Castillo’s knowledge of current offenses will benefit the Eagles defense.  But the Eagles defense lacks leadership — true leadership since the departure of safety Brian Dawkins.  Someone on the Eagles defensive side needs to become a captain and a leader. Luckily, the collective bargaining agreement negotiations will give the Philadelphia Eagles defense slightly more time.

This next season, whether the collective bargaining agreement will be decided soon or not, will indeed be a rebuilding period for the Eagles, particularly their defense.  I hope Andy Reid made the right decision by promoting Juan Castillo to defensive coordinator.


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