The Other Stuff: SWAT Teams Providing Security for Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick’s Super Bowl Party in Dallas

As revealed by TMZ, former SWAT team members are providing security for the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick‘s Super Bowl Party held in Deux Lounge in Dallas, Texas.  Jeff Skaggs, the owner of the club, said that this party will have “top-notch” security.  The last party that Michael Vick hosted in 2010 someone was shot, but Vick claimed no responsibility in the matter.  Now, for this party, NFL and former SWAT are providing security, and guests and attendees to the party will be wanded on their way in.

This is questionable on many, many levels. First, one wonders how Tony Dungy, his mentor, and Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid would let Michael Vick host such an extravagant and public party, given that one strike in the past.  This event is like baiting Michael Vick to fall into the same spiral downwards as before.  Second, location, location, location…this event is hosted nowhere close to Philadelphia or Pennsylvania for that matter.  If Eagles owner Jeff Lurie or head coach Andy Reid were concerned about Vick’s probation, wouldn’t either suggested the event be held closer to them? Lastly, for a supposedly broke man paying off his creditors still, Michael Vick is investing a lot of money in this indulgent event for security and catering, among other things. It is quite irresponsible on his part — again.

I cannot reiterate how some of the media have blind faith in Michael Vick’s new image, but I remain skeptical.  And this Super Bowl party demonstrates just how little his behavior has changed.


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