Juan Castillo Promoted to Defensive Coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles: Dazed and Confused

Juan Castillo, former offensive line coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, has been promoted to defensive coordinator for the Eagles.  Although this is more of head coach Andy Reid‘s style of promoting within the organization, it may not have been his best idea.

Castillo had the title defensive coordinator only while he was coaching Kingsville High School from 1986 to 1989.  In the NCAA, he was the offensive line coach for Texas A & M – Kingsville from 1982 to 1985 and from 1990 to 1994.  He joined the Philadelphia Eagles organization in 1995 as offensive assistant.  Juan Castillo was promoted to tight ends coach in 1997 and later became the offensive line coach in 1998.  He remained the offensive line coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, until he was promoted to the defensive coordinator position today.

How this is beneficial for the Philadelphia Eagles defensively?  I cannot figure it out.  They had a growing roster of better qualified candidates from the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears among others.  Admittedly, Juan Castillo is returning to his roots in defense, but a lot has changed since he bore any part on defense.  First, maintaining an offensive gameplan is far easier to maintain than a defensive strategy.  Next, the defensive game has gotten a lot quicker, more complex and more physical than when he had the title of defensive coordinator.  Lastly, the Philadelphia Eagles defense has no leaders to work with, like Brian Urlacher with the Chicago Bears.  The departure of a substantial leader like Brian Dawkins hurt the Philadelphia Eagles, and they have found no replacement.

Now it’s Juan Castillo’s turn on the chopping block…whether he can be successful in the fast-changing game of football nowadays, it remains to be seen.  Majority of knowledgeable Eagles fans are responding with question marks on Castillo’s head — and perhaps Reid’s head as well.  Can Castillo change the Eagles defense in time?  I remain skeptical.


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