Philadelphia Eagles Bid on Jon Hoke of the Chicago Bears for the Defensive Coordinator Position

As the extensive talks continue with getting a defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles, they have decided to pursue Jon Hoke, the defensive backs coach, from the Chicago Bears.  During this regular season, the Chicago Bears defense was ranked 9th overall in total defense.  He would make an interesting addition to the Philadelphia Eagles, if he can improve the defense.

Professionally, in college football, Jon Hoke was originally a defensive coordinator for Kent State in 1993 and Florida from 1999 to 2001.  He joined the NFL in 2002 as secondary coach for the expansion team Houston Texans under head coach Dom Capers and was retained by coach Gary Kubiak in 2005.  Hoke became the defensive backs coach for the Chicago Bears in 2009, replacing Steven Wilks.  By comparison, with his assistance, the Chicago Bears defense rose from 17th in total defense from 2009 to 9th presently.  However, the question remains if he can do the same for the Philadelphia Eagles if he becomes a defensive coordinator.

Perhaps, perhaps not.  The Philadelphia Eagles defense is not the Chicago Bears defense, who already has a captain and a leader in the name of Brian Urlacher.  The Eagles defense do not currently, especially since Brian Dawkins since he left the Philadelphia Eagles and joined the Denver Broncos in 2009.  Cornerback Asante Samuel is a veteran and performed extremely well this season. However, he lacks the presence or the ability to light up his teammates that Dawkins had.

Jon Hoke is a good choice among the bids, but whether he has magic to change things around for the Philadelphia Eagles defense, seeing is believing.


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