The Philadelphia Eagles State of the Union: A Letter to the Eagles Organization

Usually during this post-season, there always has been commotion from the Philadelphia Eagles — particularly from their fans.  But this season, there have been little public outcries of beheadings from Eagles fans, much like the calling of Donovan McNabb from the past few seasons. The Philadelphia Eagles defense has remained 12th this season, resulting in firing of defensive staff.  Meanwhile, Buddy Ryan’s defense has evolved to deal with the West Coast offense, containing even rushing quarterbacks.  As a result, the Philadelphia Eagles tore apart the late Jim Johnson’s schematics, removing former defensive coordinator Sean McDermott and defensive line coach Rory Segrest.

This is a letter to the Philadelphia Eagles organization since many Eagles fans are without their pitchforks publicly this season, as in many seasons prior.

Dear Philadelphia Eagles organization:

Now that President Barack Obama is finished with his address to the new Congress, combined with Republicans, Tea Party members and Democrats.  Obama is primed for real change this time around, and the Eagles have done the same, removing much of the defensive staff.  But were such drastic measures necessary?

In this letter, I will focus on three things — investment, infrastructure and education — much like Obama’s speech.


Investment is one word that may have differing meanings from the owner Jeff Lurie to the players on the field, but the Philadelphia Eagles may have burnt their investments from time to time.  First, it was Donovan McNabb being traded to the Washington Redskins who will be released again.  Although he could never bring the Eagles past the Wild Card or Divisional rounds of the playoffs, he did bring cohesiveness to the team, particularly in 2004.  Second, after Jim Johnson’s passing in July 2009, Sean McDermott was released, and Ron Rivera and the Carolina Panthers snatched him up.  He was not given much time for a “rebuilding” period.  Now his bright and creative mind is lost to the Panthers. Lastly, the investment in the fans has been lost much of this year of frustration and disappointment.  Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson pulled out of the Pro Bowl only to be replaced by the Philadelphia Eagles rival and counterpart, Dallas Cowboys Miles Austin.  Eagles quarterback Michael Vick fell apart, as he was pounded by the Green Bay Packers linemen, in the NFC Wild Card game at home, at Lincoln Financial Field.  Eagles fans had their hearts torn out, as we were close yet so far again.   


We are without infrastructure for our team and seeking identity, using that particular catchphrase of the NFL. With Sean McDermott and Rory Segrest out of the Eagles organization, the Eagles are hoping to interview Green Bay Packers secondary coach Darren Perry for the defensive coordinator position after the Super Bowl.  Perhaps Andy Reid is relying on Perry’s experience with the Pittsburgh Steelers as their defensive back coach from 2004 to 2006. He could develop a formidable defense, but it is all a matter of speculation for now.  Right now, the gamble for one man may be too much if Darren Perry perhaps decides to stay with the Packers or gets a better offer.  The Eagles defensive identity is presently absent, and the Eagles offensive identity rests on one man’s shoulders, Michael Vick.  Although he performed better this year than he did with the Atlanta Falcons, his tendencies bit him — and the Eagles offense — late in the season, when it mattered the most.


We, the Eagles fans, are not a stupid bunch.  We may be rowdy, occasionally rude, but we are among one of the most educated sports fans out there.  National sports magazines put us at least in the top 10, if not in the top 5 sports cities.  At least give the fans their due for our support in the past seasons, despite the failings of the team.  And please have an alternate plan for the defensive coordinator should it not work out as expected.  And an alternate plan for the quarterback situation, involving both Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb, should it not work out as expected. And alternate plans to those alternate plans…

Thank you,

Tex and Eagles Nation


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