The Fall of Jay Cutler and the Rise of Caleb Hanie: The Chicago Bears without Their Claws

Quarterback Jay Cutler in their NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers injured a sprained MCL, an ankle injury, and he did not play after the second half of the game.  He did not play well during that game with only a 31.8 quarterback rating on 80 yards and an interception.  He soon joined Todd Collins, his backup, who did not fare any better. Collins had a 39.6 quarterback rating when his short debut in this playoff game.

Former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka, Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel and San Diego Chargers quarterback Phillips Rivers said they did not understand why Jay Cutler sat out and would have fought to be brought back in the game.  However, Cutler didn’t.  Perhaps it was because coach Lovie Smith cut him short in the locker room during halftime, but I agree that Cutler should have argued on the sideline with Lovie Smith after being pulled, despite him playing poorly.  Cutler demonstrated he has no heart or will to fight in the NFL, even when the cards are stacked against him.  He became “Jay Quitler.” Heck, even Rex Grossman had more heart than he did, and he consistently played poorly while with the Chicago Bears.

With the rise of third option Caleb Hanie during the game, Hanie nearly made a comeback for the Chicago Bears.  Hanie however performed better than either Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Chicago Bears backup Todd Collins or their starter Jay Cutler.  Hanie had a 65.2 quarterback rating on a touchdown and 2 interceptions on 153 yards. Perhaps next season, it will be the season of Caleb Hanie for the Chicago Bears.  The Bears can’t ask for any worse at this point since they released Rex Grossman to the Washington Redskins.


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