What I Learned This Divisional Playoff Weekend

The upsets keep on continuing of this wild season of football.  Each game had its own merits but the Seahawks destruction by the Chicago Bears was not pretty.  Here’s what I learned this divisional playoff weekend:

  • Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers is on fire into the playoffs.  He has maintained a 100+ quarterback rating so far through both games against the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • The Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers game had to be the best game of the four.
  • Two of the top defenses in the league, the Steelers and the Jets, will be battling it out next weekend.  It will be interesting to see which quarterback will collapse first — Ben Roethlisberger or Mark Sanchez?
  • Not to repeat myself, but two of the top defenses in the league, the Packers and the Bears, will be battling it out next weekend.  Who will collapse first — Aaron Rodgers or (Good) Jay Cutler?
  • The New York Jets defense held against both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.  Amazing.
  • Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch could not catch lightning in a bottle twice.  Chicago Bears defense held him to 2 yards total rushing.
  • The Good Jay Cutler showed up in his game against the Seahawks, but whether that quarterback will show up against the Packers, that will remain to be seen.
  • All the running backs were held under 100 yards rushing in all four divisional playoff games.
  • The 102-yard punt return by Atlanta Falcons Eric Weems was spectacular, although his team could not stop the potent offense of the Packers.
  • This is the season of the defenses, unlike past years where the New England Patriots, the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts battled for top dog status with their offenses.
  • Both number 1 seeds of the playoffs, the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, lost this weekend! I am amazed by this result, especially from the Patriots.

Now we wait for next week’s conference games with the New York Jets facing the Pittsburgh Steelers for the AFC Championship game, and the Green Bay Packers facing their rival Chicago Bears for the NFC Championship game.  Both games should be good in their own right, but each of these games will test their respective quarterbacks as these defenses in each of these teams are stiff and unforgiving.


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