Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons: NFC Divisional Post-Game Analysis

This was the battle of two of the most consistent offenses at the Georgia Dome. Both were dangerous in their own right, with talented wide receivers of the Falcons Roddy White and the Packers Greg Jennings and their respective quarterbacks Falcons Matt Ryan and Packers Aaron Rodgers. Now that Michael Turner left LaDanian Tolimson’s shadow, Aaron Rodgers left Brett Favre’s and this could have been a game for James Starks to establish his own.

Now the post-game analysis:

  • The early pass from Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to Greg Jennings for 30 yards could have been a game changer early first quarter, and his fumble recovered by Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes was disastrous for the Packers.  The pound and ground game of the Falcons with Michael Turner from 12 yards out led to the first score of the game, and the gamble on 4th and 1 paid off for coach Mike Smith and his team.
  • Falcons returner Eric Weems scored a 102 yard return early first quarter and set the record for the longest scoring drive in post-season history.  Fantastic run makes Devin Hester seem like last year’s news…
  • Both teams counterpunched each other with their offenses constantly in the first quarter, but the Packers defense eventually rose to the occasion in the second quarter and for the rest of the game.
  • Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers is one devastating quarterback for opposing offenses. He ended the half with 144.8 quarterback rating on 2 touchdowns and 234 yards passing. And he ended this game with a 136.8 rating on 3 touchdowns and 366 yards passing.
  • Packers cornerback Tramon Williams got 2 crucial interceptions off of Matt Ryan.  One was for a 70-yard touchdown and shifted the momentum for the Packers into the rest of the game.
  • The Falcons potent running back Michael Turner was limited to under 50 yards rushing, 39 to be exact.  The Green Bay defense stuffed one of the better running backs in the league.
  • Packers athletic and dominating Greg Jennings had a 101 yard game. Enough said.
  • The Falcons had four turnovers. Enough said.
  • Aaron Rodger’s 7 yard run for another score  in mid-third quarter put another nail into the coffin for the Falcons as the score was 35-14.  He basically schooled the Atlanta Falcons afterwards, and neither Matt Ryan, Michael Jenkins or Michael Turner could generate enough offense to counteract the Packers offense.

This started out as a great game of counterpunches, but the heavyweight Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers decimated the Atlanta Falcons 48-21 in the end. Now the Falcons will have to go into the off-season and make some serious adjustments.  Whoever wins tomorrow’s game, the Seattle Seahawks or the Chicago Bears will have to face this explosive, versatile offense and striking defense.  The Bears would be the better game perhaps for the NFC Championship game, but we’ll have to wait on this one until tomorrow for the challenger.


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