Vince Young as a Philadelphia Eagle: A Dream for Double Trouble

This is merely a proposal or some food for thought, much more than a reality for this off-season anyhow.  But given that Vince Young has currently been released, it would be uniquely interesting for the Philadelphia Eagles fans if Vince Young decided to become a quarterback to replace Kevin Kolb, an intriguing thought, and even more if Jeff Lurie or Andy Reid embraced the idea.  With the cap, I don’t think this is a possibility, but the labor agreement resolutions, should it happen by March,  could possibly change all that.  Understandably and realistically, the Eagles have much bigger issues this off-season such as with the defense and offensive line than with quarterbacks.  Here’s to spiking the ball on the Dallas Cowboys star for a moment…

During the 2010 regular season, Young had 1,255 yards passing, 10 touchdowns, 3 interceptions and a 98.6 quarterback rating. Vince Young was nearly comparable to Michael Vick in terms of quarterback rating with Vick’s slightly better 100.3.  Both have the capability of rushing although Young didn’t rush as much this season, partially due to injury and partially due to the quarterback controversy with Kerry Collins and partially due the drama surrounding Titans head coach Jeff Fisher.  Both Vick and Young are efficient quarterbacks.

However, both have severe flaws, professionally and otherwise.  Both have tendencies to rush when pressured, and that often leads to injuries.  Both will contend for top dog status.  That could lead to division in the locker room.  Next, both are not really team players, although they play a team sport in football.  Whereas Michael Vick doesn’t appear nor converse with his teammates on the sidelines, like Donovan McNabb did, Vince Young is slightly better. Young more easily bonds with his teammates although not his coach. Lastly, although Vick embraced the idea of mentoring Young earlier in the season, it would be a potentially combustible situation down the road with them both on the sidelines.

With Titans owner Bud Adams releasing Vince Young soon, the most current suitor is the Seattle Seahawks, it appears, and they would be one of the more reasonable teams for him to end up. Other teams should appear from the woodwork soon upon Young’s release.


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