The Fox in Elway’s House: John Fox Comes to Head the Denver Broncos

Now this is a particular arrangement and a beneficial one for the veteran head coach, as former Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox will be in reigns of the better and more balanced offenses in the league.  He has both quarterbacks Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton, steady and versatile running back Knowshon Moreno and the stellar wide receiver Brandon Lloyd. Fox had already stated that he thinks Tim Tebow may be the future of the Broncos, but his hiring manager and new chief of football operations John Elway may feel a bit differently.

Unfortunately, former coach Josh McDaniels came in too early to coach the Broncos, and it ultimately stifled the team.  With the management of the personnel, the trade of Peyton Hillis to the Cleveland Browns and the filming of the San Francisco 49ers in London, Josh McDaniels ended his tenure as head coach for the Broncos.

With the current weapons at their disposal and under head coach John Fox, this team could potentially develop into a playoff contender, resembling more of a Baltimore Ravens-lite, if you will.  Although Knowshon Moreno is not the caliber of Ray Rice currently, he does have more consistency in scoring, although he is prone to injury.  The trade of Peyton Hillis to the Browns hurt this running corps tremendously.  Correll Buckhalter never had the talent to become a spectacular runner for the Denver Broncos, whereas Peyton Hillis did and he took advantage of displaying his running ability of the Browns early this season.  And Brandon Lloyd has more consistency than the Ravens Anquan Boldin and just as physical, if not more.

Coach John Fox has great potential for the Denver Broncos, although he did have tremendous swings while he was coaching the Carolina Panthers. In 2003, 2005 and 2008, he had at least a 11-5 record and got into the playoffs for those respective seasons.  However, since 2002, he’s had six losing seasons with the Panthers and a record of .507 as head coach.

This Fox may be in the Broncos stable for now, but he has to start out strong or otherwise he will be on a short leash in 2011 (or 2012, should the labor agreement fail). His conservative nature may not bode well for this offense in particular, as he would focus on the run more than the pass.  This team simply doesn’t have the speed of Jonathan Stewart, and Fox would love to run the heck out of Knowshon Moreno.  Moreno simply doesn’t have the durability to do that. The best option for the Denver Broncos would be to hire an offensive coordinator to direct the offense, much like the Chicago Bears do.  In light of all this, John Fox as  a Denver Broncos head coach is a good hire, but Fox will not bring fireworks for this offense.


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