What I Learned This NFL Wild Card Playoff Weekend

Given this the post-season, the craziness hasn’t stopped.  With the Seattle Seahawks dominating the game over the New Orleans Saints, head coach Pete Carroll gameplanned the game well.  And with Nick Folk of the New York Jets squeaking a field goal past the Indianapolis Colts, it’s best to expect the unexpected.

Here’s what I learned this Wild Card weekend:

  • Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks is capable of running long yardage, if the defensive backs can’t tackle. The New Orleans Saints defense absolutely collapsed on that 67-yard run. That will be watched by Seattle Seahawks fans on Youtube for quite a while.
  • Rex Ryan of the New York Jets finally conquered his demon Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. That quick Adam Vinatieri field goal was just a bit too early, and Nick Folk responded in kind and on time.
  • Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning still find ways to win, despite Reggie Wayne trapped on Revis Island during the entire game.
  • Clock mismanagement for the Indianapolis Colts on both sides of the ball caused them to lose in the last few minutes of the game.
  • Kansas City Chiefs dominated the Baltimore Ravens with the running of Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.
  • But Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco dominated the scoreboard and performed far better than the more efficient Matt Cassell.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs fell apart in the fourth quarter, starting disputes with the Baltimore Ravens after the play.  Why do you need hockey when you have this?
  • The Philadelphia Eagles beat themselves.  First, it was Michael Vick intending on carrying the team on his back into the first half.  Second, David Aker’s two field goal misses were devastating.  Next, the two missed two-point conversions hurt, and it stopped the momentum of the Eagles.  Lastly, Vick’s injury hurt the Eagles in the end — with the last interception to seal the game.
  • The Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers is still a dominating quarterback into the playoffs.  With his first playoff win, he and the Packers are energized.
  • Green Bay Packers new star running back James Starks will be someone to watch for into the playoffs.  He has both the power, speed and agility to find creases in the defense.

Now to the Divisional Playoffs…for the AFC, we have the Baltimore Ravens against the Pittsburgh Steelers, which should be a good defensive matchup, and the New York Jets against the New England Patriots, which could be disastrous for Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.  For the NFC, we have the Green Bay Packers facing the Atlanta Falcons, which could be a battle of the offenses, and the playoff underdog Seattle Seahawks against the Chicago Bears, the battle of the inconsistencies.


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