Coach Tom Cable Out for the Oakland Raiders: The Silver (Lining) Goes Black

This has not been a good year to be a coach in any of the NFL teams around the West Coast.  First, it was Josh McDaniels of the Denver Broncos, after mismanagement of personnel and officially after Spygate II, where the filming of the San Francisco 49ers landed McDaniels in deep water.  Then, it was Mike Singletary of the San Francisco 49ers with his constant switching of quarterbacks and the team’s underwhelming offense this season.  Now, in the end of the regular season, it has become the end of coach Tom Cable who could not fight off the brutal expectations from the owner Al Davis.  He’s officially been ousted out of the Oakland Raiders, despite their 8-8 record for the season, far better than they have in the past.

The Oakland Raiders has had a top 10 defense over the past couple of years.  Since acquiring Jason Campbell, they have improved offensively.  Their former quarterback JaMarcus Russell simply did not and could not live up to the hype.  They have a formidable tight end in Zach Miller and potential in Louis Murphy and Jacoby Ford. More importantly, Darren McFadden absolutely exploded this season, ranking 12th in rushing yards by the end of the season, and with him and his reliever Michael Bush, by the end of the regular season, the Oakland Raiders, as a team, ranked 2nd in the entire league in rushing yardage. Now this team is built on a solid foundation although changing coaches might not have been the best of ideas, given their success.

But this success was partially built on the back of Hue Jackson, the offensive coordinator for the Oakland Raiders this season, and the Oakland brass are in a bidding war for Jackson’s attention to become head coach with the San Fransisco 49ers.  Should the Raiders fail to keep Jackson as well, what could’ve happened might not have happened. And Al Davis and the Raiders luck runs dry yet again.


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