Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings: The End of an Era…and the Drama (Perhaps)

Since Brett Favre of the Minnesota Vikings had already sat out for the two games against the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles, it appeared that his time had ended.  Although he did play against the Chicago Bears, he was buried in the first quarter after getting drilled into the ground by Corey Wootton.  It was a short-lived start for this once great quarterback.  Now he has declared retirement this time around after the game against the Detroit Lions, and without Brad Childress to retrieve him out of retirement, this time may be indeed permanent.

Brett Favre has been the center of drama this season yet again. The texting and possible indecent photos sent to former Jets hostess Jenn Sterger caused a rift in his family again, and it sparked the NFL to conduct investigations into the matter.   Presently, the NFL fined $50,000 for non-cooperation in the case and surprisingly, even at this late in the season, they did not issue a suspension for Favre.  I agree with Kevin Seifert of ESPN that if this case was pressing to Jenn Sterger, she should have pursued it much earlier and asked the NFL to conduct its investigation soon after it occurred.  However, the impact has been felt by Favre’s family for over three months now, at least.  His wife Deanna Favre attempted to defend Favre on Good Morning, America in October, but the issue hasn’t quite been resolved until now.

Brett Favre and his wife Deanna have dealt with personal issues in the past before. In 2004, Favre had to deal with the deaths of his father and his brother-in-law, Casey Tynes.  Later that year, Deanna Favre was diagnosed with breast cancer, and soon she created The Deanna Favre Hope Foundation to support breast cancer education and breast imaging and diagnosis services for women.  Earlier in his life, in 1995,  Brett Favre developed an addiction to vicodin and later to alcohol.  With both, Deanna Favre stood by him during these harsh times.

Professionally, Favre had to deal with switching teams from the Green Bay Packers to the New York Jets to ultimately the Minnesota Vikings and their head coach Brad Childress.  The first problem with the Green Bay Packers was finally the hindering of Aaron Rodgers from taking over the starting position as quarterback, as Brett Favre shifted in and out of retirement in 2008.  With the New York Jets, in late 2009, he declared that he was finally retiring again, and he was fined $125,000 for an unreported injury by the New York Jets organization.  With the Minnesota Vikings, it appears that he has finally ended his career permanently.  With Favre on the sidelines in the games against the New York Giants, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions, Favre has been contending with injuries.  The most current injury is a serious concussion, dealt by the Chicago Bears.  At that time, Vikings interim coach Leslie Frazier said that he did not want to risk further injury to Favre.  And it appears to be the end — with rookie Joe Webb demonstrating that he’s more than capable of being a quarterback.

If this is the final game of Brett Favre’s NFL career as a quarterback, he has been record-setting on many statistics.  He will be the only quarterback to throw 71,838 total yards, the only quarterback to throw 508 touchdowns, the only quarterback to have 10,169 attempts, the only quarterback with 6,300 completions and lastly, the only quarterback with 336 interceptions.  A Hall of Famer maybe who has finally realized it’s time to hang up the gloves.


2 comments on “Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings: The End of an Era…and the Drama (Perhaps)

  1. I have NEVER been happier to see the end of a player’s time with my team (Please let this finally be the end of #4! Please!!!)

    I was never in favor of his coming here and while I was happy they had a good year last year he did what he is most famous for which is ending the season with a stupid play.

    This year totally disgusted me with how the team sold their souls to bring him back to save them. The whole team acted like they didn’t have to play well. They didn’t have to prove anything. They didn’t have to actually WANT to win. Old #4 would just save them and they could lay about and watch the miracle happen.

    They got EXACTLY what they deserved this year and didn’t deserve to win as many games as they did.

    Plenty of house cleaning to come and as good as it is to get rid of Chilidiot we’ve got quite a few more that need to be fired for their complete lack of talent and give a damn. The poster child for this is McKinnie who spends his time on the line dreaming of being a rap star while watching opposing players run past him. What a complete failure!


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