Fantasy Football 2010 Season Finale: 11 Things I Learned This Season

With all of the fantasy football teams completing their seasons, it’s time to sum the things that I learned about this crazy season.

  1. Big names don’t necessarily produce big results. True, there were epic moments by Michael Vick, Terrell Owens and others, but quietly and silently, names like Brandon Lloyd, Matt Cassel and Peyton Hillis won games.
  2. Play matchups, but expect the unexpected. What logically should happen doesn’t always happen.
  3. An explosive offensive doesn’t necessarily mean that they remain one. The New England Patriots, the Tennessee Titans and the New York Giants early on this season were examples of this.
  4. The best defense doesn’t always remain that way. The Tennessee Titans defense suffered a collapse mid-season. The Chicago Bears defense suffered a collapse late season.
  5. This has been the season of injuries. My teams have changed complexion several times over this season, from running back heavy to wideout heavy to anything in-between.  I imagine other teams have changed as well.
  6. Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning struggled later on this season, but he was without any wideouts other than Reggie Wayne. The Colts are still a better quality team than the New England Patriots when healthy, in my opinion.  However, the Patriots are a better balanced team. Peyton Manning should remain a top 3 quarterback into next fantasy football season.
  7. Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick is the best quarterback this season, but he needs a reality check in real life. He will be marked as among the first fantasy football quarterbacks this season.  But he will require a backup if he is in your roster due to his durability and his character.
  8. Great running backs can come in the oddest of places and the oddest of times.  Arizona CardinalsTim Hightower is such an example.  LeGarrette Blount of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is another.  Blount had demonstrated his explosiveness earlier in the year against the Cardinals, but it was not until the season’s end did he demonstrate his true running prowess.
  9. Don’t underestimate anyone from the Oakland Raiders, the Cleveland Browns, the Buffalo Bills or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  That is, until the end of the season…when the schedule becomes more difficult, and the team falls apart.
  10. Coaches really do impact the team greatly from the Dallas Cowboys to the Minnesota Vikings.  They change the offense, defense and morales of these teams often significantly.
  11. Late-season injuries can change the complexion of a fantasy football greatly, particularly a last-minute change in the Vikings game from Brett Favre to rookie Joe Webb.  Although Webb wasn’t elite during his game against the Philadelphia Eagles, he has shown, given time, that he could potentially become an elite quarterback in a couple of years.

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