The 5 Philadelphia Eagles Going to the Pro Bowl: How They Stack Up by the Numbers

The current Pro Bowl count has already indicated that the Pro Bowl starters for the Eagles will be quarterback Michael Vick, cornerback Asante Samuel, tackle Jason Peters and kicker David Akers. Fantastic wide receiver DeSean Jackson will be on reserve.

The Pro Bowl is scheduled to be played on January 30, 2011 at the Aloha Stadium in Hawaii at 7 PM EST. This is scheduled a week before the Super Bowl, so unfortunately, there will be a scattering of those Pro Bowl players attending — and there are those who won’t attend.

Quarterback Michael Vick

Based on current statistics, Michael Vick is currently has currently 21 passing touchdowns, 3,108 yards and has a 100.2 quarterback rating.  Additionally, as a rusher, he has 9 rushing touchdowns and averaging 6.8 yards per carry.  Given that the Pro Bowl game is three weeks away, Vick has a chance to heal for the Pro Bowl game, but he faces some tough defenses into the playoffs.  With the Green Bay Packers knocking on the door, it could be a chance to face linebacker Clay Matthews and its physical line.

Currently, Michael Vick is ranked 4th among quarterbacks in terms of quarterback rating, with Tom Brady of the New England Patriots with a 109.8 rating.  In terms of passing yardage, Brady is ranked 6th with 3,701 yards and Vick is ranked 18th with 3,018 yards.  On the bright side, Michael Vick is ranked 33rd among rushers with 676 yards, ahead of Miami Dolphins Ricky Williams and Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch.

Cornerback Asante Samuel

Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel was also elected to be a starter for the Super Bowl.  With the Eagles, he ranks mid-pack with 26 total tackles. The devastating Quintin Mikell leads the team with 88 total tackles.  Meanwhile, Samuel  does lead the team — and the league — with his 7 interceptions presently. Much like he was a threat when he was with the New England Patriots, he has done the same for the Philadelphia Eagles, comparable to the numbers he had with the Patriots in 2007.

Tackle Jason Peters

Tackle Jason Peters has just registered 2 total tackles to date.  He ranks on the bottom for the Philadelphia Eagles defense for making an immediate impact.  But he’s got a ticket to the Pro Bowl…

David Akers

David Akers leads the league currently with 136 points among kickers.  The second place is being held by Sebastian Janikowski of the Oakland Raiders.  Akers is currently on pace to meet or exceed his 2008 record with 144 points. Statistically, he has been much more efficient than 2008, however.  He’s currently averaging 83.3 percent while in 2008, he averaged 82.5 percent.   

DeSean Jackson

The Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson had made an impact this season much like last season’s.  He is currently ranked 9th among the league’s wide receivers with 1,056 yards and 6 touchdowns.  Denver Broncos Brandon Lloyd tops the league with 1,375 yards and 10 touchdowns, and his counterpart, Dwayne Bowe of the Kansas City Chiefs, is currently ranked 8th but leads the league with 15 touchdowns to date. Compared to the league, however, he does lead in one significant statistic — yards per reception. He currently leads with 22.5 yards per reception, with Mike Wallace of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Brandon Lloyd following with 20.2 and 19.1 respectively.

For the Philadelphia Eagles, he leads the team in yardage with 1,056 currently, but he has only 6 touchdowns compared to Jeremy Maclin‘s 10.  But Jackson is second again with 114 targets for Jeremy Maclin to his 96. However, Jackson’s a devastating threat after the catch with 22.5 yards per reception, and he leads the team.  Surprisingly, Riley Cooper comes second with 18.5 followed by Jeremy Maclin with 13.8.   


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