Fox News Analyst Tucker Carlson and Execution of Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick…Seriously

Fox analyst Tucker Carlson said that Michael Vick should “have been executed” for his illegal dog-fighting ring on Fox News Channel on Tuesday night. He mentioned that “as a Christian,” he’s for second chances but Vick’s cruelty toward the dogs pushed it.  Additionally, he suggested that President Barack Obama’s endorsement of the improvement of Michael Vick since his release from prison two years ago was absurd.  Neither Michael Vick’s agent, Joel Segal, or Pamela Browner White, the Eagles senior vice president of public affairs and government relations, were available to comment or otherwise counter these statements.

These remarks made by Tucker Carlson were a bit over-the-top but quite effective in stirring the pot concerning Michael Vick and his image.  Some of the media have embraced Michael Vick and remain a bit starry-eyed toward him.  However, bear in mind that he did withhold money from the legal authorities not too long ago, and he was in prison for that time as well.

Vick has been compaigning to improve his image for much of this season.  He has been working with the Humane Society of the United States and talking with school and community groups about the cruelties of dog-fighting. Additionally, he’s been elected as NFC Pro Bowl starter this season, and he’s paying off his financial debts to his creditors. There’s always a big “but” at the end of this sentence…

I agree that Michael Vick has improved his character and professionalism somewhat, but he’s still putting up a campaign and nothing more than a mouthpiece, an empty shell who feeds the press and the general public what it wants to hear.  With Vick’s probation not ending until May 2012, why haven’t the Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeff Lurie aggressively handed Vick a contract if Vick has so incredibly changed and become trustworthy?  Surely, Vick has proven himself to date professionally and with his eloquent statements to the press and the public.  Because they know that one slip-up whether intentional or unintentional could land Michael Vick in prison, and they do not trust Vick sufficiently themselves to justify that risk between now and when his probation ends.

Carlson’s comments about execution was uncalled for, but he was right about Vick’s character.  Vick has only somewhat changed, only somewhat changed the sheen of his coat.  Although he gives the appearance of changed man, he is still a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If Jeff Lurie still knows that, shouldn’t you?


One comment on “Fox News Analyst Tucker Carlson and Execution of Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick…Seriously

  1. This email is to Tucker. Really man? Michael Vick should have been executed????? People kill people everyday and DO NOT GET EXECUTED!!!! So Michael Vick should??? WOW. You might want to go back to the drawing board about that. You call yourself a Christian???? I highly doubt that because if you were then you would know about FORGIVENESS!! Your comments were uncalled for and downright IGNORANT!!! He did his time and still lives with it everyday… I am shocked that you still have a job. Executed???? WOW!!!! I am still boggled over that. If Philadelphia Fans DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT THEN AGAIN WHO ARE YOU TO SAY???? You might want to go back to Church and study your faith BETTER!!!

    Disgusted and ANNOYED…


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