Cleveland Browns Eric Mangini Most Likely Terminated By Season’s End

This season’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers will most likely be Eric Mangini‘s last for the Cleveland Browns.  The Browns had a pretty erratic season.  With injuries to Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace, Mangini had to reply by leaning on Colt McCoy ultimately to finish the season.  However, running back Peyton Hillis has sparked this offense and exploded with 11 touchdowns and 4.4 yards per carry.  Now Mangini lost the Baltimore Ravens with a score of 20-10, and now they face the aggressive Steelers defense who won’t give either Colt McCoy or Peyton Hillis a breather. Given the present situation, most likely the Steelers will hand the Browns another loss, and the Browns will end the season with a 6-10 record. Like the Browns of the past, they don’t have much of an offense.  Even with solid running back Peyton Hillis, they are ranked 19th rushing and with their meager passing offense, they are ranked 30th.  And it has only gotten worse…Colt McCoy and Peyton Hillis have been sputtering in the last few games.  Even though cornerback Sheldon Brown and fullback Lawrence Vickers are pleading for Mangini’s return to next season, the decision rests with team president Mike Holmgren.  A decision could possibly be made by Monday, and since the firing of Wade Phillips of the Dallas Cowboys, Brad Childress of the Minnesota Vikings and Josh McDaniels of the Denver Broncos, I wouldn’t be surprised if Eric Mangini is released by season’s end.


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