Philadelphia Eagles vs. Minnesota Vikings: NFL Week 16 Post-Game Analysis

After the blizzard that hit the East Coast with more than 12 to 16 inches of snow in Philadelphia, this game was delayed until today.  This has given the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings a bit more time to prepare, but it has shortened their weeks for the final game of the regular season. And with Joe Webb starting in place of Brett Favre for the Minnesota Vikings, this should have been an easy game for the Philadelphia Eagles, but it didn’t transform into such an easy game.

Now to the post-game analysis:

  • Young Joe Webb is a pretty solid quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.  He just lacks touch right now, and he has a rifle-arm when necessary.  He might be competing with Tarvaris Jackson for the starting job next season and might not remain a potential wideout for the Vikings.
  • Joe Webb’s rushing score in the third quarter was amazing to give the Vikings a 17-7 lead.
  • Michael Vick is still getting hit due to the mediocre Philadelphia Eagles offensive line. And hits equal interceptions like the second half of this game shown. So far there have been several interceptions that should have been caught by the Vikings. Even more there were two fumbles by Michael Vick in this game that were costly, most likely the result of the constant hits and the constant pressure by the Vikings.
  • The first fumble by Michael Vick in the end of the second half recovered by Antoine Winfield was critical and needed for the Minnesota Vikings.  The field goal gave the Vikings a 10-7 lead. The second fumble near the end of the third quarter luckily didn’t count for a score, but it did cost the Eagles time of possession.
  • The Minnesota Vikings slowed the game down like other opponents, such as the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys. Smart, very smart.
  • Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is still one heck of a running back, even contending with injuries.
  • Eagles Asante Samuel’s helmet-to-helmet hit on Vikings’ Sidney Rice was costly. It led to Joe Webb’s rushing score. And quite possibly a fine by the NFL sometime either this week or next week for Samuel.
  • Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen was heavily involved in getting in Michael Vick’s pocket.
  • Michael Vick begun using all his weapons in recent weeks. At least he’s beginning to understand that a balanced offense is much more dangerous, like the New England Patriots.
  • Vick has yet another rushing touchdown, breaking his old record with the Atlanta Falcons.  Again, LeSean McCoy has yet another potential touchdown stolen.

This was one good game for the Vikings, and a simply amazing upset with a score of 24-14.  Interim Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier may have found a way to retain his job for the upcoming season, and rookie Joe Webb may have found his new position for next season.  Webb demonstrated he was great at managing the game, and Adrian Peterson certainly helped him. For the Eagles, they have lost their chance of having a bye week into the playoffs.  If the Eagles can pull the New York Giants road trip success a few years back, it would be phenomenal.  Unfortunately, they lack David Tyree and his miracle helmet.


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