12 Things I Want From the Philadelphia Eagles This Christmas

The Philadelphia Eagles has been having a great season under starter Michael Vick, but there are still lots of flaws with the Eagles the rest of the season.  Although they are putting up exceedingly phenomenal offensive statistics, the Eagles defense among other things is still lacking, with or without Asante Samuel. Now to my wish list for the Eagles this Christmas:

Better Offensive Line

With Michael Vick’s mobility, the offensive line for the Eagles is still slacking.  Since Vick’s mobility assists in escaping the pocket, the offensive line feels it is no longer a necessity to maintain a line but rather a preferable option.  With Kevin Kolb under center, it was a necessity, and the line generally maintained a pocket better.

Use LeSean McCoy More

Fortunately, LeSean McCoy is having somewhat of a productive season. Unfortunately, as a running back, he is no longer a requirement for this offense since Vick has the same number of rushing touchdowns as he does and more than half the yardage.  Compared to Cleveland Browns’ Peyton Hillis or Minnesota Vikings‘ Adrian Peterson, he is more of an afterthought in the offense.

Get Tight End Brent Celek More Involved

Unfortunately, despite all the talk, Brent Celek must be frustrated.  True, he is acting professional around the Michael Vick situation, but that doesn’t mean he is still unhappy about it. With Michael Vick under the helm, he’s now an afterthought in the Eagles offense.

Give a Contract Extension to DeSean Jackson

Wide receive and punt returner DeSean Jackson has performed admirably with 45 receptions, 1,024 yards and 6 touchdowns to date.  Additionally, he might have saved the Eagles season with his 65-yard return against the New York Giants late in the fourth quarter in the previous game.  He should be handed a big contract, although the collective bargaining agreement has yet to be reached for the next NFL season.

Decide What to Do with Backup Quarterback Kevin Kolb

Backup quarterback and former starting quarterback Kevin Kolb may be biding his time with the Philadelphia Eagles, but even with his nature, he won’t be content sitting on the sidelines.  Kolb performed solidly early in the season until he met the Tennessee Titans defense. After his 2 interceptions and 56.9 quarterback rating against the Titans, he was soon replaced by Michael Vick.

Give a Contract Extension to Michael Vick

Quarterback Michael Vick has been having a great season so far with 20 touchdowns, 5 interceptions and an overall 103.6 quarterback rating to date.  However, two things go against him. With him at the helm, those teammates around him are used less and less, with the exception of the two receivers DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin.  Tight end Brent Celek and running backs LeSean McCoy and Jerome Harrison are simply afterthoughts in the overall gameplans so far. 

Replace Backup Jerome Harrison

With Michael Vick continuously rushing more and more, the Eagles running backs are less a necessity, particularly when they are a backup running back.  Jerome Harrison may have been traded to a winning team and a winning coach, but his under-utilization may be even affecting him.  He has had 5 touches over the last 5 games with only 25 yards rushing and 0 touchdowns.

Improve on the Health of the Eagles Defense

With cornerback Asante Samuel fighting through a knee injury and free safety Nate Allen out for the season, this Eagles defense is hurting and hurting back.  With the loss of linebacker Stewart Bradley until the end of the season minimally, it could affect the Eagles chances of clinching a playoff berth and the NFC East.  However, time is short, and the defense has fallen precipitously into 21st against the pass.  On the bright side, they still ranked 11th against the run.  

Secure Berth in Playoffs

This should be easy with the following games against the broken Minnesota Vikings offense and a somewhat challenging Dallas Cowboys offense.  However, if Washington Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman can do a number on the Cowboys defense, it should be easy for Michael Vick in this following game to take apart the depleted Cowboys secondary.

Win the NFC East Division

With the Giants losing the previous game, they are still in the hunt, but they may have two somewhat difficult games ahead with the Green Bay Packers and the Washington Redskins.  And with their respective quarterbacks, Green Bay’s backup Matt Flynn and Washington Redskin‘s now starter Rex Grossman playing well, it could spell disaster for the Giants.  But the Eagles face the Dallas Cowboys who still remain as competitive spoilers in their own right.  The Eagles should be able to clinch the NFC East, but they should be looking in their rear view mirror. 

Win the NFC Division

Most likely, they will have to face either the Atlanta Falcons or the Chicago Bears.  Betting the odds, I would have to say the Atlanta Falcons are the most likely opponent.  The Falcons, unlike the Eagles, are not quite as explosive, but they are considerably more balanced.  With their running back Michael Turner and their wide receivers Roddy White and their receiving tight end Anthony Gonzalez, this is one offense to be reckoned with.

Win the Super Bowl

This is going to be a tall order, considering most likely the Philadelphia Eagles, if they make it this far, is going to face the Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.  As explosive as the Eagles are, the Eagles lack the sufficient depth on offense — that is, usable depth. Coach Andy Reid doesn’t use all available resources at his disposal, unlike the previous seasons, and the team is in more ways than not, one-dimensional. Michael Vick is that one-dimension, and the Patriots defense will smell that out a mile away and put a stop to it.


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