Five Reasons Why I Despise the NFL Network: The Grinch Edition

Late in the season, the NFL Network always begins broadcasting games on Thursdays, and it is limited to the Dish Network package.  True, they are trying to capture an audience of their own, but it throws most people off, including the players in those games. The short preparation and rest time often makes the games average.

And the NFL Network’s limited broadcasts of games only pisses fans off, including myself.  Since it is time for spiked eggnog and cheap champagne, I would like to list the five reasons why I despise the NFL Network.


Thursdays have to be the worst day for a football game.  You go to a bar for a football game, but you can’t really drink much, if you have work to attend to the next morning.  This is not a day for barkeeps or patrons unless you are really dedicated to that specific game with those specific teams.

Other Bar Patrons on Thursdays

Well, either you’re contending with college students, illegal minors who are posing as college students, regulars or dedicated fans.  The fans are not too many, particularly when it’s bitterly cold or snowing outside or the happy combination of both.  That leaves the others…thanks, but no thanks.

Six Weeks, One Game

Really? I would rather watch EPSN channels than watching NFL Network’s garbage.  Unlike watching the last half of the races with NASCAR, these games are limited to really only 6 weeks out of the entire season. And for the Philadelphia Eagles fan, it was only one game of any consideration with the Houston Texans. Seriously.

Pricing in a Sliding Economy

Considering that you’re dealing with Dish Network for the sports package, it still going to cost you $60 a month, at least for the package.  True, Comcast tried to get in on the action, but to no avail which could have possibly reduced the cost due to competition. Also, bear in mind for that single game against the Houston Texans costs you potentially $120 more pro-rated.

Expanding into the CFL?

Well, the NFL Network has the CFL.  It’s good for watching potential rookies that could be drafted into the NFL, but with that, you might as well for the Arena Football League to make its debut again in 2011.


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