Hard Knocks On Rex Ryan and the New York Jets: Trials and Tripulations

The New York Jets can almost clinch it if they can win one over the Chicago Bears next.  Unfortunately, drama has been following around the New York Jets club, worse than the first two seasons of Jersey Shore. The Jets ball club, among a few this season, has shown how far the NFL has fallen in terms of professionalism and character.  But reminiscing only gets one so far…

And it does with the Jets, too.  Beginning in the season, head coach Rex Ryan was berated for consistently using profanity in HBO’sHard Knocks” which they were the feature team for this season.  Luckily, it’s only HBO and a sports-reality show so some leniency was given.

But as the season progressed, so didn’t the Jets. New York Jets running back LaDanian Tomlinson and quarterback Mark Sanchez exploded in the beginning of the season and have declined into mediocrity late in the season. Mark Sanchez hasn’t scored a touchdown since three games ago against the Cincinnati Bengals and has been piling up the interceptions with five over the last four games.

More troubles have also ensued.

First, there was an investigation after the team harassed female reporter Ines Sainz while at Jets practice.  Luckily, it didn’t turn into detonate into something bigger.

Then there was the infamous Tripgate that involved conditioning Sal Alosi who stationed a wall on the sidelines while he tripped Miami Dolphins‘ gunner Nolan Carroll.  Alosi ultimately got suspended indefinitely for his action and was fined $25,000.  Of course, Rex Ryan denied involvement in directing this.  But the fallout has begun from that incident.  The NFL is currently reviewing this behavior, and a league representative will be scheduled for a discussion as early as this Friday with Jets officials.  Additionally, the NFL has handed all teams a letter dictating behavior on the sidelines, and with iron-handed commissioner Roger Goodell on this, it will be enforced from this point forward.

Now there’s Footgate involving Rex Ryan’s wife Michelle where she may have posted foot-fetish videos on the Internet.  Ryan hasn’t denied that the videos appear to be his wife nor has he denied the person off-camera may be him.  This isn’t the time to be mired in this while the Jets are close to the playoffs.  But it’s here, and this could further involve the NFL brass to cut off such behavior.

When it rains, it pours in the New Meadowlands Stadium — and on Rex Ryan and his staff.


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