Washington Redskins Quarterback Rex Grossman: Fantasy Football X-Factor

It’s been a long time since former Chicago Bears quarterback Rex Grossman performed in this fashion. In fact, with the Chicago Bears, his best performance was in 2006 where he had 23 touchdowns and 20 interceptions and a staggering 73.9 quarterback rating.  Now with the Redskins, under new head coach Mike Shanahan, he performed admirably against the Dallas Cowboys with 322 yards passing, 4 touchdowns, 2 interceptions and a 93.4 quarterback rating.  On the bright side, he is facing the Jacksonville Jaguars next.  On the downside, he’s facing the New York Giants afterwards.  He should be able to face the Jaguars with impressive statistics, considering Jacksonville is ranked 27th in passing.  However, with the Giants, I am a bit more reluctant to recommend him under any circumstance.  Considering how the Giants defense, most notably defensive end Justin Tuck, bothered Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, this won’t be an easy outing for him.  He is best used for the next game against the Jacksonville Jaguars and nothing afterwards.  If you’re in the fantasy football Super Bowl, you should have better options already.  If you don’t, well, best of luck with Grossman.  He is at best a solid QB2 coming into the fantasy football Super Bowls, but I wouldn’t hold my breath that he continues his solid run.


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