Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants: NFL Week 15 Post-Game Analysis

With a NFC East rivalry at the New Meadowlands Stadium, the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles are head to head for top of the division.  The Giants created the original blueprint for stopping Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, and opposing teams have been using it ever since.  The Dallas Cowboys in the previous game generally created the best defense to limit Michael Vick, and now the Giants are building off that formula. Now to my observations from this game:

  • The Eagles and Giants defenses were comparable until the second quarter.  The Eagles defense finally broke against the run with Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs, with Giants establishing a rushing game integral to their passing game.
  • Giants wide receiver Mario Manningham had a spectacular day with113 yard day and 2 touchdowns . However, his fumble in third quarter was costly, as the pass from Michael Vick to Jeremy Maclin fr0m 8 yards out scored a touchdown and brought the game to 24-10.
  • Giants Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul were giving Michael Vick headaches all day.  Tuck got to meet Vick several times and had less than amicable “meetings.”
  • Tight end Kevin Boss blew up the fourth quarter with 3 receptions, 59 yards and a touchdown.  Boss is one happy man since he gets targets from Manning with intention on scoring.
  • Eagles DeSean Jackson‘s fumble in the fourth quarter was quite costly.  Coach Andy Reid should have challenged the call, if even to stall the game momentarily.  A score to Giants Kevin Boss sealed the turnover with a touchdown.
  • The onside-kick recovered by Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper changed the face of the game from Michael Vick’s rushing touchdown.
  • Michael Vick has officially more rushing touchdowns than the Eagles running back LeSean McCoy. In the game, Vick had more rushing yardage than the running back McCoy, and ironically, he had a 130 yards rushing compared to Jerome Harrison’s and LeSean McCoy’s combined total of 67 yards rushing.
  • The Eagles defense injuries are stacking up, and it’s going to cost them with a defense at less than 100 percent, heading into the playoffs.  The Eagles depth on defense is dwindling.
  • Eagles DeSean Jackson’s 65-yard kickoff return sealed the game for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Simply amazing.

The Philadelphia Eagles won against the New York Giants 38-31 and swept the series.  Now the Eagles pretty much clinched a berth in the playoffs with easier games against the Minnesota Vikings without Brett Favre possibly and the somewhat challenging Dallas Cowboys. However, the Vikings defense is currently ranked 12th against the pass and 10th against the rush.  The Vikings were handed a heavy loss of 21-3 from the Giants previously, and this game against the Eagles could potentially be worse for them.


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