Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick Wants to Bring the Dogs In

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick in his interview with NBC News and the website said he and his family wants to have a dog.  However, according to Vick, he told his daughters that he can’t have one “because of [his] actions.”  He wants to “get another dog in [his] future” because it would be a “big step” in his rehabilitation process.  And on Tuesday, he spoke with a Philadelphia charter school about dogfighting.

He has brought the Philadelphia Eagles to the top of the division with the New York Giants.  But…there’s something more to this than meets the eye. He has been on a season-long campaign telling the press and anyone who would listen that he’s a changed man.  However, he has become quite a master of doublespeak.  For instance, concerning hits, he agreed with Eagles coach Andy Reid that the hard hits should stop on ESPN Radio 94.1.  Yet, according to Sunday Night Football announcer and analyst Cris Collinsworth,  Vick said if he was in the same position on defense, he would do the hit him hard as well. Vick did get the former however as Dallas Cowboys linebacker Anthony Spencer was fined $12,500 for his helmet-to-helmet hit last week.

Michael Vick has been on this season-long campaign to improve his image.  Some of the media have swallowed it without any questions.  But I still have my doubts concerning his sincerity because of the example above. Additionally, he has generally carried games by himself with disregard to his teammates.  When he has half the rushing yardage and the same number of touchdowns as the running back LeSean McCoy, he wonders why he isn’t treated as an elite quarterback.  And it took tight end Brent Celek half a season before Vick finally acknowledged his presence as a receiver.

On this issue, I remain skeptical of Vick’s intentions, and until his actions follow his words, he is no better than a politician on a campaign trail, full of eloquent words and empty promises.


2 comments on “Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick Wants to Bring the Dogs In

  1. Well , appear like Philly fans, Fan House, The USA Today, and also the rest on the Media today determined what Falcon lovers already knew. That Vick is often a BUM. His QB trial plays have been pitiable , and couldn’t assist but notice he finished the game off with his signature INT. Nothing a Falcon hasn’t already interpreted .

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